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AFK Arena Ascension Guide (Ascend Faster)

Ascension in AFK Arena is one of the most essential features to build your hero roaster long-term – and there’s not only some mistakes that can just slow you down a lot, there are also things that you can do to ascend faster.

In this guide I have everything you need to know to ascend your heroes the right way without wasting any of them.

Ascension Guide

Before we jump into the actual strategy for ascending, I want to show you the basics of ascension quick.

how to ascend in afk arena

If you want to ascend a hero to a higher tier, you need to either combine it with an exact copy of the same hero and the same rarity or with heroes of the same rarity and the same faction.

This is really important and has one upside and one downside… you can progress faster becaue you don’t need that many exact copies of the same hero to make that hero Legendary, Mythic or even Ascended – the downside is that you need to very carefully check which other heroes you’re going to “feed” to ascend that hero.

I know this might now sounds boring to some of you but this is important for you to understand how to ascend your heroes in AFK Arena!

So here are all the details:

  • Ascend Rare > Rare+ need 3 exact copies of the rare hero
  • Ascend Rare+ > Elite needs any 2 rare+ heroes of the same faction
  • Ascend Elite > Elite+ needs 2 exact copies of the elite hero
  • Ascend Elite+ > Legendary needs any 2 elite+ heroes of the same faction
  • Ascend Legendary > Legendary+ needs 2 exact copies of the legendary hero
  • Ascend Legendary+ > Mythic needs any 2 legendary+ heroes of the same faction
  • Ascend Mythic > Mythic+ needs 2 exact copies of the mythic hero

So, as you can see, you only need exact copies of the hero when you want to ascend to the + tier, otherwise you only need heroes from the same faction and the same rarity.

Ascending here an Elite to a Elite+ hero I need two exact copies of her that are Elite to make that ascension.

When ascending this Elite + to Legendary I can feed any two heroes of the same faction that are Elite+.

And this is exactly the point where we need the strategy to feed the right heroes to progress fast and ascend a hero the fastest way possible.

Ascension Tips For Faster Ascension

The main strategy is pretty easy and always has two different questions that you need to answer to make the right decision:

  1. Should you ascend this hero
  2. Plan ahead (decide what heroes you will feed)

No worries, I will give you some everyday examples to help you with the decision 🙂

Rare Heroes

If you have 3 copies of a rare hero you can always ascend them, no worries or doubt about it. They will become either heroes that you can feed or ascend higher and you don’t need to worry about that, just ascend them 🙂

afk arena ascend rare heroes

Feed Heroes

When ascending Elite, Legendary etc. heroes, you can always feed other faction heroes – this is why ascending any rare hero comes in pretty handy later in the game.

Let’s have a look here what I’m about to ascend:

afk arena ascend faster

I have 2 Elite+ copies of Ankhira so I can take her to Legendar+ in this setup here.

The thing is, to ascend her to Legendary+ I will need two copies of Ankhira at Legendary – that#s why you should never ascend using exact copies of the same hero unless needed!

Let’s say I would ascend now like this:

afk arena ascend legendary

Yes, I would get my Legendary Ankhira, but I would not only feed my Level 160, I would also lose the direct copy of a Elite+ Ankhira so I can’t ascend any further as I will then need to ascend another Legendary of Ankhira to ascend to Legendary+

So, I would rather want to ascend Ankhira two times using any other Maulers that are Legendary+ and that I don’t plan to use now or in the near future.

This will give me 2x Legendary Ankhira that I can directly ascend to a Legendary+ Ankhira!

afk arena ascend legendary right

And this is the right way to plan ahead – you only ascend with direct copies if you need to and you ascend as many rare heroes as possible to feed them later.

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