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AFK Arena Ascension Guide (Ascend Faster & Better)

Ascension in AFK Arena is one of the most essential features to build your hero roaster long-term – and there’s not only some mistakes that can just slow you down a lot, there are also things that you can do to ascend faster.

In this guide I have everything you need to know to ascend your heroes the right way without wasting any of them.

Ascension Guide

In most games you have a basic mechanic – you put everything in your strongest heroes. In AFK Arena, this works differently for the reason how leveling and ascending works so I have the most important rules below that you need to stick to from the first day to the end and you will get the fastest progress in AFK Arena long-term.

Rule #1 – Leveling Priority

Normally you would think you level the heroes that you use frequently, right? Well, in AFK Arena you will level only the 5 heroes with the highest ascension level.

The reason is that every ascension has a maximum possible level and via the Resonation Crystal you can automatically match the level of other heroes to the level of the 5 highest heroes.

afk arena leveling priority

So, in this example I use Lucius, Shemira, Rowan Rosalina and Talene most. But I will not actively level up Talene or Rosalina as I am limited to their ascension level a lot:

  • Ascended: Level 240
  • Mythic+: Level 200
  • Mythic: Level 180
  • Legendary+: Level 160

So in the example above you see that I could only level Talene to level 100, but when I level Brutus and Belinda instead, my highest level for all heroes via the Resonation Crystal will be Level 160 for mythic, instead of Level 100.

So, the lowest level of the 5 heroes in your Resonation Crystal will always be the level all other heroes in there will get – this means always level only the 5 heroes with the highest ascension!!! If you have a different one use the hero reset and you get all Gold and EXP back and you can put it on another level.

Rule #2 – Fooder Heroes

Never ever use any hero for ascension that can get ascended. One reason is that every ascended hero will raise your total maximum hero level and you never know what will happen to the heroes in the future and it takes time to work on them again.

These heroes are the ones that you will get to Legendary+ and then use to ascend other heroes, no other hero!

afk arena fodder heroes

Rule #3 – Ascension Strategy

It takes time to take a hero to ascended so having the most viable strategy is important as you can’t work on multiple heroes per faction. Never work on ascending more than 1 hero per faction!

Use the 8 heroes strategy: only ascend a hero when you have 8 epic copies so you can get it to ascended. Nothing is more frustrating as having a hero ascended to Legendary+ or Mythic but lacking the rare copies to take this hero to ascended and then getting the copies to actually get a different hero to ascended but lacking the fodder heroes because you put it on another hero.

  1. Always ascend to Epic+, Legendary+ and Ascended
  2. Only ascend to Legendary if you have at least 2 more Epic copies of that hero (better 3 or 4)
  3. Only ascend to Mythic or Mythic+ if you have 4 more epic or 2 more Epic+ copies of that hero, otherwise save the fodder heroes until you have it

If you follow these basic rules you will get the fastest progress long-term, even though it might slow you down in some situations for a little bit.

If you just ascend heroes as you can do possibly, you might get stuck at one point and have weeks where you can’t make any progress because you need to wait to gain fodders or additional copies of a certain hero.

Long-term you will need to work on getting 5 heroes to ascended as fast as possible, then you can start working on other heroes as this allows you to get past Level 240 with your heroes.


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