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The Foreboding Disaster Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Foreboding Disaster and it has some cool parts and I think if you’re into the whole part of this game mode you’ll enjoy it. Overall, it’s not that outstanding in storyline or puzzle aspect but had some fun parts and mechanics.

A Foreboding Disaster General & Rewards

Overall I’d say neither the puzzle aspect nor the storyline aspect is remarkable here but it’s solid. It’s all somehow designed to work around the new hero that has been introduced with the new update – Awakened Talene.

There’s one battle you’ll have to lose on purpose, a teleport you need to open and also a final boss fight – solid Voyage of Wonders material. One important thing to mention is that you need to collect all the Golden Chests before you do the final boss fight as this will clear the whole map and there’s no way to collect them afterward (except re-starting the Forebording Disaster realm, of course).

On the rewards side it’s a mixed thing in my opinion. It’s not a bad reward structure as we see it with final rewards of Faction Scrolls, but we also get no Stargazing Cards neither:

afk arena foreboding disaster rewards

As you can see, except the “standard” rewards as booster, soulstones, coins and emblems, we get 10x Time Emblems as the main reward after the final boss fight of The Foreboding Disaster. Yes, it’s the ones you need to have a chance to summon cards for the new hero, Awakened Talene (or later more Awakened Heroes as I expect to see more of them coming). The problem here for most players is that it’s almost impossible to get enough as normal F2P to even get the copies needed to get Awakened Talene to a point where to use her (expect that to be somewhat between 400-600 Time Emblems).

So, this makes the main reward look cool in the first place but for most players pretty much useless while Stargazer Cards would be a better reward.

I think this debate will go on and on for a while and has nothing to do with the new VoW, A Foreboding Disaster, so I will proceed with the walkthrough. Feel free to add comments below with your opinion, though.

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The Foreboding Disaster Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for A Foreboding Disaster.

Please mind that I don’t mention every Golden Chest that you need to collect individually. If you see one, take it 🙂

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Step 1 – right after the introduction of the storyline (no worries, I will not spoiler the storyline in my walkthrough) you need to talk to Arden in the camp (1) and also collect the chest there as well. Again, please collect all chests before you use the final teleport or you won’t be able to finish The Foreboding Disaster in one single run! Then heading north you will see a a boss camp spawning right in front of you (2). It’s important that you use one useless hero for that fight as you will not be able to beat it and this will give you a Fountain of Vitality to use later in the realm if you need it.

Then also talk to the next camp (3) and – as mentioned above – safe that fountain for later.

Step 2 – time to start some puzzling… first of all, move the red laser beam downwards (1) and then collect all the chests you can see right there before you reach for the first Phoenix Altar on the right side and activate it (2) to get the first piece of the final teleport.

Then you can collect some more chests and then go north to the next Phoenix Altar (3) and activate it as well.

Step 3 – go back down and move the red laser beam back to its initial position (1) and you will be able to collect some more chests before moving down and activating the 3rd Phoenix Altar and also collect the key from the chest there as well(2). This will open you the door (3) but don’t forget to collect the other chests that you can now pick up.

Step 4 – to your left you will find the 4th Phoenix Altar now that you can also activate (1) and also the 5th one (2). After that, go up and move the railroad switch to the upper position (3):

Step 5 – now you access the 6th Phoenix Altar (1) that you also need to activate and this will create a portal in the center of the map once all Phoenix Feathers are complete. You need to collect one more chest first by moving up the railroad switch to your right (2) and then you have in the upper right corner one more chest behind a camp to collect (3):

Step 6 – now use the portal (1) and then tap on the village and use the “talk” option (2) and Awakened Talene will join your team. Use the portal again and get back. With Awakened Talene in your team now you can melt the Permafrost Tiles (3) to collect the missing chests.

Do that now will all the missing chests and in the upper right corner you will have the final part. Once you have collected the large chest in the upper right corner, the ice will disappear on the whole map and the final Golden Chest appear in the center of the map.

You’ve now completed The Foreboding Disaster.

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