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  • afk arena eternal engravings tier list
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    AFK Arena Eternal Engravings Priority Tier List

    Engravings are the new tool to improve heroes and a pretty long-term grind. Engravings have been getting enabled during the previous updates and now that they are full available for all factions I have created a priority tier list that makes sense and should give you a general blueprint in what order you want to […] More

  • afk arena voyage of wonders forgotten frontier guide
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    The Forgotten Frontier Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

    The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Forgotten Frontier and it fits the theme of the upcoming Halloween season. Spooky, pumpkins and a lot of fun. The Forgotten Frontier General & Rewards As mentioned, the setting for The Forgotten Frontier is a graveyard and you need to use laser […] More

  • afk arena best heroes tier list
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    Best Heroes Tier List (Patch 1.74) – with Mishka

    I wanted to write a full tier list for AFK Arena for a reason – most lists I saw either used old data and didn’t really include the latest balancing changes or they simply listed some heroes. For me, a tier list also includes some explanation of why a hero is S+ or why another […] More

  • afk arena signature items tier list
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    Signature Items Priority List (1.74) & Guide For Emblems

    Once your heroes reach Mythic Tier in the ascension you will be able to unlock and level up their Signature Item. Their Signature item is an individual boost item only available for that hero and can, for some heroes, really boost their effectiveness. The problem is you will need a good amount of emblems to […] More

  • afk arena furniture tier list guide
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    AFK Arena Furniture Tier & Priority List 2021 (Oak Inn)

    The Oak Inn offers a way to give your heroes additional individual bonuses that you can unlock via furniture. Mythic furniture for individual heroes can unlock special abilities that can be either really helpful or not that helpful. In this guide, I want to give you some tips how you can handle your furniture well […] More

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    The Best Teams In AFK Arena

    In this guide here I want to show you several team builds in AFK Arena that work really well and will give you an additional boost. I know that you likely don’t have all the heroes but you can also use this as a strategy to plan which heroes you’re going to level up and […] More

  • afk arena voyage of wonders demonic incursions guide
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    Demonic Incursions Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

    The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Demonic Incursions and, as always, we have s free rewards, a storyline and some clean fun on the way. Demonic Incursions General & Rewards The storyline is alright and you basically follow the storyline and solve some puzzles on the way. We’ve had better […] More

  • afk mishka

    Upcoming New Heroes In AFK Arena – Mishka

    New heroes are quite frequently introduced in AFK Arena and of course you guys want to know what heroes are coming up next to help planning with fodders so I decided to make this list here that I frequently update with the latest sneak peeks and leaks that are out there. New Wilder Hero – […] More

  • afk arena voyage of wonders gold rush guide
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    Gold Rush Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

    The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Gold Rush. To be honest, this is probably the most fun storyline we’ve ever seen where you hunt the thief through the map by setting up traps to hunt your rewards. Really entertaining. Gold Rush General & Rewards The storyline is basically Rowan […] More

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