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Slow Night of Wonder Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Slow Night of Wonder and it’s part of the High Summer Event that’s happening right now in AFK Arena, along with the multi-stage High Summer Adventure (see my guide here as well).

This Voyage of Wonders is closed now, please see here the most recent Voyage of Wonders – Frozen Lava.

Slow Night of Wonder General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline in my guide so you can real through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm.

In Slow Night of Wonder you will basically go through the map by destroying blocks and rebuilding bridges.

The whole realm is pretty straightforward without much to pay attention to left and right until you will go to the final part where you can pick up the Crystal Chest.

Speaking of the final Crystal Chest… the main reward will be 2000x Diamonds + 10x Stargazing Cards and you will find also the usual emblems, boosters, coins and shards in the Golden Chests along the way


I mean it’s part of the High Summer Event so the rewards are quite good and I think every player will find some use of them.

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Slow Night of Wonder Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for the Slow Night of Wonder realm.

By the way, if you have problems please also check out my bi-weekly updated tier list of heroes (with Signature Item, Artifact, Furniture and Engraving recommendation) here that could give you some hints what heroes are good or maybe also my guide on the best teams in AFK Arena here.

Step 1 – right after the intro conversation you will learn the mechanics of Slow Night of Wonder by speaking to the Mysterious Voice (1), leave your ship (2) and then discovering the broken bridge (3):

Step 2 – now you know that you need to repair the bridge and you do so by clicking on the Special Tree (1) to pick up the material and then you can repair the bridge (2) and cross it to get to the next section of Slow Night of Wonder. Behind the bridge you will find an enemy camp to fight and the first Golden Chest to pick up before you have to use the Battering Ram (3).

Step 3 – you will break the blocked path and then clear up all the camps and Golden Chests you have in that section before picking up some repair material from the next Special Tree (1). Then use the next Battering Ram (2) and don’t repair the upper bridge from the previous step, it’s not necessary. Then go to the bridge (3) and repair it with the material you picked up in (1):

Step 4 – now walk back to the left and use the Battering Ram there (1) and then the next Battering Ram (2). As you have repaired the bridge in the previous step, the stone ball will go through the bridge and destroy the blocking gat behind it. Then walk back to the entry area and pick up repair material from the Special Tree (3) but don’t use it there, this will be used in the next step!

Step 5 – now you can enter the next section of Slow Night of Wonder and use the repair material you picked up on the bridge there (1).

Step 6 – now use the Battle Ram (1) and pick up the material from the Special Tree next to it. The stone will destroy some camps and you’ll have to repair the bridge again (2) to enter the last section of Slow Night of Wonders. There you need to clear up all the camps, pick up the relics and the Golden Chests and follow the path until you see Hodgkin appear (3). Fight the boss camp that appears there and you’ll get the first Crystal Chest with the 2000x Diamonds in it.

Step 7 – then follow Hodgkin and you will find a small section where you see the Explorer Diary (1) that you need to pick up. Then also clear the rest of the camps that you see there and pick up the Golden Chests. Following the path you will find the final boss camp with the final Crystal Chest (2) and when you start the battle, you see the end of the storyline.

That’s it, you just have successfully cleared The Slow Night of Wonder realm and can enjoy the rewards.

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