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How To Enhance Gear The Right Way

I know that many players struggle when it comes to enhancing gear to figure out a definite strategy – or even worse, they use the wrong strategy. The truth is, enhancing gear can be a huge grave for coins and progress in AFK Arena and you don’t want to end up wasting it.

Common mistakes I see is enhancing gear that’s useless later and that will cost twice the coins, or enhancing the wrong gear or even feeding the wrong items.

In this guide I will show you the best strategy to pick up from beginner to end game how you should plan your gear enhancement in AFK Arena.

Enhancing Gear Strategy

So, basically enhancing means that you will need to feed either other gear items or tokens and pay Gold Coins to gain extra percentage on that gear item.

This is normal and not the surprising thing, but here’s the right strategy that will save you a ton of trouble, Gold and time so follow this general strategy.

Early Game (Lower Than Chapter 16-11)

At this stage you won’t get mythic gear and the gear you use is neither strong nor worth upgrading!

Only use the gear you have and do NOT purchase any gear or even upgrade it – you will get plenty of gear from Guild Hunting and AFK Reward and you just use it.

I know it’s super tempting to gear it up or even purchase something like legendary gear but this gear will end up to be folder later in the game!

Mid Game (Chapter 17+)

Here you start getting mythic (red) gear from AFK Rewards sometimes and also in the Guild Store for doing Guild Hunt frequently (see here how to get easily into an guild that will get you Soren every day).

You main goal here is to get your main heroes geared into mythic (red) gear because from here you will be able to upgrade them to T1 and T2 later, so there’s no higher gear items you can get, you can only enhance them.

If you look at the ways you get it you see that this will take quite some time, so here are the important things you need to follow:

gear mistake 2Don’t Spend Diamonds

Do never pay Diamonds for gear, not even mythic gear. You get a horrible trade for the Diamonds and they can be factionless and basically useless.

For the same amount you can get summons in the Tavern or Stargazer and this will rewrad you a lot more than a gear item that might be useless.

Don’t buy any gear below mythic

No matter what, never spend anything on gear lower than mythic. You will replace this gear so fast and saving up for the point when you can get mythic gear is a lot more helpful, believe me.

I know how tempting this is but resist the temptation!

Don’t upgrade gear lower than mythic or factionless gear

Gear without faction is not worth upgrading because upgrading is expensive and you won#t have the 30% bonus later when you take that gear to T1 and T2.

This is a long thing to do and always keep an eye on the heroes you will work on next.

Late Game

Now you can get the Upgrade Stones to take a mythic gear item to T1 and T2, and you should only use them on gear that has the correct faction.

Best Order To Get Gear

As you can’t get all gear items at once, you have to prioritize.

The best order is:

Getting Gear

Prioritize boots > weapon > helmet > armor

Boots will give you speed and will give you more energy gain and more attacks and give the biggest boost. Weapon gives the highest raw stat boost. So start getting the right boots first, then get the weapons and so on

Upgrading Gear To T1

When starting to get T1 gear you only use it to the right gear – this is ALWAYS gear that fits the faction for the 30% extra boost. Do NEVER EVER EVEN A SINGLE TIME use a T1 upgrade stone on mythic gear that has no faction! You can change the faction with a Reset Scroll later but mythic gear without a faction can never get a faction!

Her you will prioritize:

Strength & Agility: Boots > Weapon > Helmet > Armor

Intelligence: Weapon > Boots > Helmet > Armor

(Intelligence gear doesn’t give speed)

Upgrading Gear To T2

With T2 you will not get additional dodge, accuracy or speed so the priority here is always Weapon > Boots > Helmet > Armor

Trick To Get More Mythic Gear

If you don’t beat a stage the game will reward you with mythic gear to help you progress. You can use this to get more mythic gear by not beating more than one stage within 48 hours.

So, what you will do is you beat a stage, let’s say 21-16 and you would now also beat 21-17, right? For this strategy you will NOT beat stage 21-17 within 48 hours after beating stage 21-16 and you will get a mythic gear item almost guaranteed!

For the daily quests you can start the stage and use low heroes to fail on purpose, this strategy will boost your gear progress a lot in mid game.

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