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The Rising Winds Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Rising Winds and, as you might already guess it, it revolves around the new here Awakened Thane.

This Voyage of Wonders is closed now, please see here the most recent Voyage of Wonders – Frozen Lava.

The Rising Winds General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline in my guide so feel free to use it if you want to go through the storyline yourself.

Overall you don’t have to expect any difficult/unforeseen/surprising parts this time

Let’s talk about the rewards first:

As expected when a Voyage of Wonder resolves around an Awakened hero, the main reward are 10x Time Emblems. Yes, we all know they won’t get you far but if you stockpile them up you can invest decently at one point.

Other than that there are some regular and epic Soulstones, furniture coins and the boosters for Gold, EXP and Dust as we always get them. I mean The Rising Winds aren’t that difficult overall so every player will be able to clear it quite easily butsome shards, emblems or something else would have been nice in my opinion.

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The Rising Winds Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Rising Winds.

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Step 1 – after the short introduction conversation, you have to talk to the Manor Guard first and then to Thane (1) before going into the city and talk to Belinda (2). From here, leave the city to the north side and talk to Hogan (3).

Step 2 – after having talked to Hogan twice, you have to talk to Thane again (1 & 2) and he will join your team. Then talk to Hogan again (3) and he will open up the path towards the forest:

Here you need to demolish both barriers (4) and take the right path and clear the camps there and collect the Golden Chest (5). Then take the left path and try to lighten up the altar there (6) and fight the camp you will find there:

Step 3 – you’ll learn that you need Awakened Talene to lighten that, so to the left of the door there’s a path with a tile that you need to cross (1) and it will collapse shortly after you crossed it and you will find yourself surrounded by enemies. You will lose that fight, no matter what you do so pick one hero that you don’t need and lose the battle there on purpose! Awakened Talene will appear (2) and destroy the enemy camps surrounding you and join your team.

As there’s no way to go back through the collapsed tile, you now need to lighten up the altars next to the door in front of you and it will open (3).

Step 4 – go to the top and clear the two camps there and collet the two Golden Chests. Using Awakened Talene will make the battles a lot easier at this point. Then go to the right to the other closed door and lighten the altars there as well (1) and don’t forget to clear the camp there as well.

With Awakened Talene in your team, you can then walk to the ice tile (2) and melt it and clear the camp behind there. Next to the city walls there’s another ice tile to melt (3) that will continue the storyline of The Rising Winds. Make sure to beat the camps behind there and collect the Golden Chests.

Step 5 – now a mist tile will be removed on the left side of the map and you can fight the boss camp there (1) that has been out of reach before. At the end of the path you will find another gate that you can open by lighting up the altars (2). At the only available path you will see another group of Graveborn appear and you can fight them using Thane (who joined your team earlers) and Awakened Talene (3). Then talk to Baden and fight another camp and you will see that Awakened Thane will join your team.

With Awakened Thane and Awakened Talene in your team fight now through the camps, they are easy to beat now.

Step 6 – speak to Respen now (1) and the storyline will proceed and the Crystal Chest will appear. Don’t forget to go to the very bottom corner (2) and collect the Golden Chest there as well and then you also clear the one on top (3)

From here go next to the Mauler Gate, you can now dispel the mist tiles so they won’t block your path anymore (1). Go to the top area now where you also dispel the mist on your way (2) and defeat the camp there and also dispell all other mist tiles and collect the Golden Chests behind it.

It’s a little weird that the Mauler Gate has “coming soon” on the message but once you have collected all the Golden Chests it will mark you as completed for The Rising Winds so I guess this is it. If that’s just on the test server and something changes, I will update this guide right away when The Rising Winds starts at April 30th on the real servers. For now, you’ve beaten it.

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