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Arena of Trials Teams – Theowyn’s Bontiful Trials

With every new hero or major hero rework, there will be a Arena of Trials for this hero – a limited event that will give you several fights against pre-made teams with a limited selection of heroes.

The nice thing is that the hero strengths are fixed, so anybody can complete the Arena of Trials although some fights can be squishy and require a couple of runs.

In this guide I will list you the teams for every fight that will get you through the whole Arena of Trials to get the final reward – 60x Epic Summons Stones.

Theowyn Arena Of Trials Best Teams

Without wasting much time let’s go straight into the battles, simply go through them to see each different setup you will get and see the team setup that I have beaten the battle with.

Some fights require re-running for like 5-10 times but you can beat the fight with these teams 🙂

theowyn arena of trials fight 1

This one here can be squishy with the way Khazard deals his damage paired with Sartana and Nakoruru. Theowy has a nice survivability so she can be frontline here and Flora is a nice way to deal damage. With Lorsan, Lyca and Lorsan in the backline you still have a nice backline that is able to deal with this setup.

theowyn arena of trials fight 2

Pretty straightforward, especially if you have Talene available. If you don’t have Talene go for the Graveborn faction bonus and you still can do fine here. Otherthan that, this battle is not hard at all.

theowyn arena of trials fight 3

Warek can be annoying in this Arena of Trials battle but Thoran will hold up pretty well. You might need to re-run here a few times, depending how Zolrath uses his battle reset and Seirus uses his ultimate, but still not that hard with the above setup.

theowyn arena of trials fight 4

Nara is really annoying here and Thoran should be facing her directly. Other than that, it’s just about damage output here and getting Ulmus down, which is the hard part. I wasn’t required to re-run this Arena of Trials battle but I can think you might. But this team combo will work.

theowyn arena of trials fight 5

Here you need to go through Skreg as fast as possible to prevent Shemira ultimate more than once, this will break the battle for you. Still, this setup above is able to do that but also sometimes needs several runs. Theowyn versus Talene works really well here and with her finishing ultimate she can also take out Shemira quite well.

theowyn arena of trials fight 6

This is for me the hardest battle in Thrownys Arena of Trials with Ezizh and Orthos being really annoying and Wo Kong can also be a pain. This battle makes or breaks a lot with RNG and how Kaz dodges as well so prepare yourself to run this one a couple of times. If you don’t have Talene try to get the Graveborn Faction Bonus with another her, but that will be a hard battle then (still possible)

theowyn arena of trials fight 7

This battle is about breaking through Lucius quick enough to prevent that Eironn deals massive damage and basically one-shots your team. Grezhul deals massive damage and has the faction bonus so should be fine. You need goo Talene RNG here to keep alive and once Shemira will start ultimate you normally have this one here as a victory.

theowyn arena of trials fight 8

Basically the same like the battle above, but with Tasi and Nara a lot more annoying to deal with and also requires a few re-runs probably. You need to have RNG on your side with the timing of Lucius and Eironn ultimate as well as you ultimate to get them down without Tasi putting your whole team to sleep.

theowyn arena of trials fight 9

Izhold and Theowynn have great synergy and work like a beast on the bottom lane. With a full Graveborn team you also have great faction bonus and advantage over the enemy Lightbearers as well. Nara should deal with Belinda and Kelthur with Rowan and this one should be done in your first try using the team shown above.

theowyn arena of trials fight 10

This is also one of the easier matchups in Theowyns Arena of Trials where you can use high damage heroes that perform well against the backline heroes (Nara, Kelthur, Theowyn) and with Izhold in the frontline you won’t have problems with Ulmus.

theowyn arena of trials fight 11

The only annoying thing here is that you need to deal with Ferael before Safiya will deal her ultimate blast that can wipe out your whole team. Place Nara in the opposite position and Kelthur to deal with Safiya. This should will this really quick.

theowyn arena of trials fight 12

You can use Flora to take the initial Nara pull out of the equation and then you need to deal with Arthur and Gynneth fast or they an quickly wipe out your team. With the stuns of Hendrik you should do fine and only need Lyca and Lorsan to have some good RNG.


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