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Bountiful Trials Team Setups – Eluard

With every new hero we get a Bountiful Trial event in AFK Arena that will give us the opportunity to check out the new hero in a couple of fights and win some rewards as well.

Some fights are no problem but others can be really annoying, so I have a guide below that will give you the best teams that will work – sometimes you need to run a setup a couple of times, but they work! I also try to give recommendations if you haven’t unlocked a certain hero.

Bountiful Trials – Respen

afk arena bountiful trials eluard

Similar to the last Bountiful Trials, this one for Eluard is also quite easy. I have a setup above that you don’t need much hypogeans or dimensional heroes for, like you see recommended in other guides. Especially for newer players the setups show will work fine.

If you have Mezoth, use him for #3 and #4 instead of Oscar. Nakoruru kann work fine instead of Lorsan in battle #5 and #6 and Ukyo in battles #1 and #2 instead of Estrilda. But the above setups will work, although you might have to run some setups more often.

Bountiful Trials – Respen

afk arena bountiful trials respen

This is the easiest Arena of Trials for a long time in AFK Arena as you have no problems with setups that need dimensional or hypogean heroes.

There are actually only 3 different team setups that you need to take to beat this trial.

Bountiful Trials – Kren

New hero out and new Arena of Trials – with Kren we also have a new way to test him out and get some rewards at the same time. After the last Arena of Trials have been quite squishy, we can hope to get a better one again. Here’s my team recommendations:

afk arena bountiful trials kren

The battles are really easy if you have Ukyp and Nakoruru unlocked, otherwise you need to adapt. Still, it’s absolutely possible to beat it without them 🙂

Battle #1 & #4 – without Ukyo you have the problem that you need to withstand a lot of dps on this position. You can either run Kaz but this is a game that requires you to re-run a lot to get the right dodge procs with her.

Battle #2 & #3 – if you don’t have the dimensional heroes, switch your team to do a full mauler faction team with Tidus and Vurk instead of Nara and Nakoruru. You can also keep Nara in and only swap in Vurk. Expect to run this battle several times with this setup to actually beat it.

Battle #5 & #6 – should not be any problem for you. Heroes are available and work quite well in this setup to beat Kren’s Arena of Trials in AFK Arena.

Bountiful Trials – Joker

afk arena bountiful trials joker

Only 6 battles for the Bountiful Trial for Joker, and I also find them alright if you have unlocked all the heroes. If you don’t have Zaphrael or Ezio it can be a little more difficult but let’s walk through all the battles.

Battle #1 – this is actually not a problem at all. If you don’t have Ezio you can try swapping in Thoran and eventually swap Thoran and Henrik’s position as well. Anoki can also work. You very likely need to run if a couple of times using this frontline combination without Ezio.

Battle #2 – this is also an absolute decent battle in this Bountiful Trial. If you don’t have Arthur you can run Skreg, with the Signature Item and furniture he will have he will not have a problem running his ultimate against the upper lane.

Battle #3 – for me one of the more annoying battles in this Bountiful Trials. You run against a super squishy enemy setup with Talene and Athalia plus Nara and Farael. The recommended setup still requires a couple of runs and if you don’t have Zaphrael you will not have an easier time. Try to run Izold instead or Swap Skreg into the lower frontline position and use Henrik in the upper lane.

Battle #4 – a very decent fight and if you don’t have Ezio you should swap in Vurk for some damage. Shouldn’t be a problem, run if a couple of times to get the ultimate timing right.

Battle #5 – this is an easy fight and you very likely have Flora as well from one of the multiple free chests we got in the last months. You can alternatively run Seirus but Flora makes it a lot easier.

Battle #6 – pretty much the same setup as the battle #5 but you should swap around to have Rowan and Flora in the frontline. This makes is easier to get the damage in.

Bountiful Trials – Queen

afk arena bountiful trials queen

Battle #1 – Orthos can be the limitation here, if you haven’t unlockd him you need to swap him with either Lucius or Estrilda. This is squishy and hard to beat. I also heard that switching Rowan to Orthos position and placing Thane in the backline middle spot works. Try both.

Battle #2 – This is quite an easy fight but if you haven’t unlocked Albedo you’re in the middle of trouble. I’d run Mezoth if you have him (he’s really nice) or Thorne alternatively. This can also work but you can prepare yourself to do a couple of runs to make this work.

Battle #3 – see #2

Battle #4 – see #1

Battle #5 – probably the easiest battle and you should have all of them unlocked. Might take a few re-runs to make it work but this setup will do the job.

Battle #6 – see #5

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