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Bountiful Trials Team Setups – Leonardo da Vinci’s Arena of Trials

With every new hero we get a Bountiful Trial event in AFK Arena that will give us the opportunity to check out the new hero in a couple of fights and win some rewards as well.

Some fights are no problem but others can be really annoying, so I have a guide below that will give you the best teams that will work – sometimes you need to run a setup a couple of times, but they work! I also try to give recommendations if you haven’t unlocked a certain hero.

Bountiful Trials – Leonardo da Vinci

Here’s the Bountiful Trials for the new Dimansional hero – Leonardo da Vinci:

afk arena bountiful trials leonardo da vinci

I think the trials are alright but you really have to run Arthur in the frontline on 4 of these 6 trials, Ukyo is also really helpful. Leonardo can do strong crowd control but you still need to tank and carry which can be sometimes a little tricky in these setups…

Team Setup #1 & #2: Here’s where Arthur and Antandra tank the frontline, Numisu supports while Leonardo controls the enemies so Khasos deals the damage. Not the most stable setup but if you can’t run Zikis the easiest for most players.

Team Setup #3 & #4: pretty straightforward with Arthur and Ukyo in the frontline and Oden/Isabella will go through the enemies. Can be a little RNG heavy so you might need several attempts but that is also due to Leonardo’s mechanics to paralyze and spray his paint purely by RNG.

Team Setup #5 & #6: probably the easiest runs, with Thoran cheesing in the frontline, Flora getting out of the battle and Pippa making Pippa things.

Have fun and good luck with Leonardo da Vinci’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Granit

Here’s the Bountiful Trials for the new Mauler hero – Granit:

afk arena bountiful trials granit

This is not such an easy task as the previous trials as Granit is a tank and that’s pretty much everything ho contributes. If you have a wide hero roaster, including Zikis and Mortas you will be fine, otherwise prepare for re-running some trials here for a good bunch of times 🙁

Team Setup #1 & #2: this is where it already gets messy as you need Zikis for the damage output and the alternative options aren’t that great. You can play around with Raine and Fawkes if you don’t have Zikis but this will take a good bunch of battles to get through.

Team Setup #3 & #4: actually the easier ones here where Grezhul tanks and deals damage and with Eironn and Raine you will have a solid backline. For the #3 battle use Nara on top position so she can deal with Khazard directly and on battle #4 Numisu works there better. Overall easy runs.

Team Setup #5 & #6: the next ones where you should have a hypo hero, in this case Mortas to get the buffs. The setups are quite nasty and without Mortas you should play around with Eironn.

Have fun and good luck with Granit’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Zikis

Here’s the Bountiful Trials for the new Hypogean hero – Zikis:

afk arena bountiful trials zikis

Zikis has good damage but he’s not that god damage dealer that will nuke anything away as long as you can tank it. In most team setups in his trials, he will be the primary source of damage so you need to build a smart team around him to succeed.

Team Setup #1 & #2: these are actually the easiest setups of the whole trials for Zikis. Re-arranging Talene in #2 is easier as she’s then facing Nara directly. Away from this, nothing special here.

Team Setup #3 & #4: here’s where things will get more complicated if you can’t run Mezoth. Hendrik is a replacement in the matter of tanking, yes, but simply lacks the ultimate that will take Brutus (#3) and Lyca (#4) out of the way. When running Hendrik as replacement mind that it might take you several tries to finish those trials.

Team Setup #5 & #6: you will need to run Alna here and I wasn’t able to get any replacement running very well. I think if you’re lucky you can make a Cecilia/Wu-Kong setup running but the ones shown above simply works the best.

Have fun and good luck with Ziki’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Morrow

Here’s the Bountiful Trials for the latest Lightbearer hero – Morrow:

afk arena bountiful trials morrow

Although Morrow offers strong cc, he needs protection in order to work and this is something you will have to deal with in this Bountiful Trials a lot.

Team Setup #1 & #2: same setup and nothing too complicated. You have your frontline that will keep the enemies busy while Rowan and Numisu start buffing and Morrow will roll over the enemies one by one.

Team Setup #3 & #4: you can exchange both setups here, I mean you can run #4 on both and #3 on both. The one with Mortas is easier to run but you need to have Mortas and Flora. If not, use Gwynnth and Oden. Requires more tries to get this trial done but is possible as well.

Team Setup #5 & #6: back to basic here as well with Lucius and Estrilda in the frontline and Lyca and Desira keeping Morrow up so he can take out the enemies.

Have fun and good luck with Morrow’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Hodgkin

For Hodgkin we also a new round of Bountiful Trials and they are quite interesting:

afk arena bountiful trials hodgkin

Hodgkin is, similar to Titus, a really strong frontline hero that can tank and support your team and that makes this Arena of Trials easier than you might recall other ones to be.

Team Setup #1 & #2: works with pretty much the same lineup but would prefer Leofric in battle #2. If you do not have Leofric, Seirus is an okay substitution but it will make the battles more RNG depending so prepare to run it several times without Leofric. Still, this is the toughest fight of them.

Team Setup #3 & #4: also pretty similar teams. With #3 using Cecilia to deal with Safiya and Skreg a lot easier. Battle #4 you rather want to have the haste support of Lyca.

Team Setup #5 & #6: pretty straight frontline with Lucisu that is strong and let the backline heroes do their job with some micro-arranging that makes it easier as you can see above in the image.

Have fun and good luck with Hodgkin’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Titus

New hero, new Arena of Trials and Titus is there no difference. Here’s the best team comps to use for his trials:

afk arena bountiful trials titus

With Titus in the frontline there’s not much you need to fear with this trials and the main part is to choose your backline according to the enemy team setup. You will not need any dimensional, hypogean or celestial hero at all.

Team Setup #1 & #2: works with pretty much the same lineup but switching in Rigby for Nara in the second battle makes things a lot easier.

Team Setup #3 & #4: also a really easy thing to do with a few arrangements and heroes you have available.

Team Setup #5 & #6: here’s where you see how strong Titus really is, he’s a beast and a little cc works well to get those battles done with.

Have fun and good luck with Titus’ Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Thali

Thali also has an Arena of Trials that contains of 6 battles in total, like the previous trials:


afk arena bountiful trials thali

The trials itself aren’t that tough, also as Thali is quite a strong carry hero and you don’t need any dimensional or hypogean/celestial heroes except Arthur and Talene.

Team Setup #1 & #2: It’s the same setup you can run here but I’d pick Torne for the 2nd one and replace Rowan in the frontline. You can run both with the same setup but this setup is smoother.

Team Setup #3 & #4: here we have some differences and in the 3rd battle Fawkes makes it easier while Raine is the better pick for battle #4

Team Setup #5 & #6: both with the same setup and those are the easiest fights in Thali’s Arena of Trials.

Have fun and good luck with Thali’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Merlin

Hyped for Merlin? You should be, everything looks like he will be a really strong hero and his Arena of Trials is the first place where you can actually see him in action in 6 battles.

afk arena bountiful trials merlin

Battles overall are alright, the fact that Merlin is a strong hero helps a lot (compared to Walker in his Arena of Trials that had some pitfalls).

Team Setup #1 & #2: It’s the same setup you can run here and having Athalia and Arthur unlocked is not a high requirement. If you don’t have Arthur unlocked, drag Izold to his spot and bring in Safiya or Torne. If you’re missing Athalia you can directly replace her with Nara, you really need to fight the opposite positions with her.

Team Setup #2 & #3: also the identical team but switching Talene and Merlin in between makes the battles a little more convenient to beat.

Team Setup #5 & #6: Also running the same setup but for the last battle switch Tidus, Eironn and Lyca clockwise around and it will be a piece of cake.

Have fun and good luck with Merlin’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Walker

Walker is here and we also have a new round of Arena of Trials as we had it with the previous new heroes recently. Here are the team setups that I found to work best for Walker’s Bountiful Trials:

The previous Arena of Trials have been a lot easier to do as the heroes have been a lot stronger. Walker isn’t that strong as carry hero so you should have various good heroes unlocked that will carry you through this Arena of Trials:

Battle #1 + #2: These are quite alright without much problems. Almost anyone has Talene unlocked and she’s the only celestial you need here. I’d switch Talene and Anoki for battle #2 into the upper frontline position, that is less squishy and she will deal better with Lorsan and Kaz there.

Battle #3: this is the hardest one in Walker’s Arena of Trials! If you have Alna and Athalia it’s quite easy but if you miss Alna, you should switch out Athalia as well and run Fawkes instead of Athalia and switch in either Rosaline or Lucius for Alna. This makes is super squishy so be prepared to make a lot of battles to beat this.

Battle #4: is a lot easier now and you can run the #3 setup here and it will do quite alright.

Battle #5 & #6: no big deal actually with Talene in the frontline. If you have Arthur for Battle #6 it will get a lot easier but you can also run the same setup as #5 here.

Good luck and have fun.

Bountiful Trials – Leofric

For the release of Leofric there’s, of course, also an Arena of Trials as well – with a total of 6 battles to beat to claim the final reward:

afk arena bountiful trials leofric

The battles are extremely easy, no need to have any other hypogean, dimensional or celestial heroes at all as Leofric is a really strong carry already.

For Battle #1 you can even use Leofric in the frontline as there’s not much coming at him and he will use his immunity ability on him and Vurk soon enough for your team to take out the enemies and then take out Brutus last. Batte #2 requires some minor adaptions and Kelthur helps a lot tackle the enemy backline along with Thane.

For Battle #3 you should use Nara in the backline bottom position to neutralize Rowan as quick as possible and Grezhul will take care of Wu Kong on the top position.

In Battle #4 you should use Leofric to directly counter Athalia and with his immunity ability he can keep her busy long enough  for the other allies to take out the rest of the enemy team.

Battle #5 & #6 is done with the same setup where you cheese some with Thoran and Grezhul in the frontline, might take a couple of tries but is also nothing that complicated with this team setup.

And that’s it, you have beaten Leofric’s Arena of Trials.

Bountiful Trials – Desira

We’re having the same map as we had with the very first Arena of Trials for Desira with 6 total battles to beat:

afk arena bountiful trials template desira

In general the battles are also quite easy to beat and the only Celestial hero you need is Talene, Desira is a pretty good carry hero so it’s not that hard.

For Battle #1 and #2 you can run pretty much the same team, but I find it better to use Rowan instead of Thoran in Battle #2. Thoran works as well but Rowan makes it easier.

Battle #3 & #4 also use the same “base” team, but for Battle #4 I’d use Eironn in the frontline and replace Nara with Numisu to make it better – otherwise it’s pretty cheesing and it’s annoying to run the battle dozens of times.

Battle #5 and #6 can be done with the same team and you have beaten Desira’s Arena of Trials.

Bountiful Trials – Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia will get the winter-themed dimensional map as you might remember from JOKER and QUEEN a few months back.

afk arena bountiful trials prince of persia

Overall pretty easy to beat and you only need Talene as the only hero that is not that easy to get (although any player has her). Other than that, pretty standard options and I found the battles not that squishy – but the Prince is super strong and carry the team a lot, that helped. Enjoy.

Bountiful Trials – Morael

Morael has the same map as Mortas with the same amount of battles to do – and they are actually pretty easy to beat without dimensional or hypogean/celestial heroes.

afk arena bountiful trials morael

With these setups you shouldn’t have problems, Morael is pretty strong so she will carry your team pretty well.

Battle 3+4 is with Athalia and I think most players have her unlocked, she’s super useful here. You can try substituting her but with the teams I have here I have never needed to do many battles to get the victory.

Bountiful Trials – Peggy

With Peggy there are some changes, although I would have expected, like Raku, she would get the one from Eluard with small addaptions…

Still, a decent Arena of Trials event without fancy heroes required:

afk arena bountiful trials peggy

Bountiful Trials – Raku

Lilith wasn’t that creative with this Trials Event for Raku (what is alright when taking a look what was in the updates recently… ), it’s pretty much he same as the trials we had for Respen already. The good thing about this is, it’s pretty easy to beat and you don’t need any fancy heroes at all:

afk arena bountiful trials raku

Bountiful Trials – Respen

afk arena bountiful trials eluard

Similar to the last Bountiful Trials, this one for Eluard is also quite easy. I have a setup above that you don’t need much hypogeans or dimensional heroes for, like you see recommended in other guides. Especially for newer players the setups show will work fine.

If you have Mezoth, use him for #3 and #4 instead of Oscar. Nakoruru kann work fine instead of Lorsan in battle #5 and #6 and Ukyo in battles #1 and #2 instead of Estrilda. But the above setups will work, although you might have to run some setups more often.

Bountiful Trials – Respen

afk arena bountiful trials respen

This is the easiest Arena of Trials for a long time in AFK Arena as you have no problems with setups that need dimensional or hypogean heroes.

There are actually only 3 different team setups that you need to take to beat this trial.

Bountiful Trials – Kren

New hero out and new Arena of Trials – with Kren we also have a new way to test him out and get some rewards at the same time. After the last Arena of Trials have been quite squishy, we can hope to get a better one again. Here’s my team recommendations:

afk arena bountiful trials kren

The battles are really easy if you have Ukyp and Nakoruru unlocked, otherwise you need to adapt. Still, it’s absolutely possible to beat it without them 🙂

Battle #1 & #4 – without Ukyo you have the problem that you need to withstand a lot of dps on this position. You can either run Kaz but this is a game that requires you to re-run a lot to get the right dodge procs with her.

Battle #2 & #3 – if you don’t have the dimensional heroes, switch your team to do a full mauler faction team with Tidus and Vurk instead of Nara and Nakoruru. You can also keep Nara in and only swap in Vurk. Expect to run this battle several times with this setup to actually beat it.

Battle #5 & #6 – should not be any problem for you. Heroes are available and work quite well in this setup to beat Kren’s Arena of Trials in AFK Arena.

Bountiful Trials – Joker

afk arena bountiful trials joker

Only 6 battles for the Bountiful Trial for Joker, and I also find them alright if you have unlocked all the heroes. If you don’t have Zaphrael or Ezio it can be a little more difficult but let’s walk through all the battles.

Battle #1 – this is actually not a problem at all. If you don’t have Ezio you can try swapping in Thoran and eventually swap Thoran and Henrik’s position as well. Anoki can also work. You very likely need to run if a couple of times using this frontline combination without Ezio.

Battle #2 – this is also an absolute decent battle in this Bountiful Trial. If you don’t have Arthur you can run Skreg, with the Signature Item and furniture he will have he will not have a problem running his ultimate against the upper lane.

Battle #3 – for me one of the more annoying battles in this Bountiful Trials. You run against a super squishy enemy setup with Talene and Athalia plus Nara and Farael. The recommended setup still requires a couple of runs and if you don’t have Zaphrael you will not have an easier time. Try to run Izold instead or Swap Skreg into the lower frontline position and use Henrik in the upper lane.

Battle #4 – a very decent fight and if you don’t have Ezio you should swap in Vurk for some damage. Shouldn’t be a problem, run if a couple of times to get the ultimate timing right.

Battle #5 – this is an easy fight and you very likely have Flora as well from one of the multiple free chests we got in the last months. You can alternatively run Seirus but Flora makes it a lot easier.

Battle #6 – pretty much the same setup as the battle #5 but you should swap around to have Rowan and Flora in the frontline. This makes is easier to get the damage in.

Bountiful Trials – Queen

afk arena bountiful trials queen

Battle #1 – Orthos can be the limitation here, if you haven’t unlockd him you need to swap him with either Lucius or Estrilda. This is squishy and hard to beat. I also heard that switching Rowan to Orthos position and placing Thane in the backline middle spot works. Try both.

Battle #2 – This is quite an easy fight but if you haven’t unlocked Albedo you’re in the middle of trouble. I’d run Mezoth if you have him (he’s really nice) or Thorne alternatively. This can also work but you can prepare yourself to do a couple of runs to make this work.

Battle #3 – see #2

Battle #4 – see #1

Battle #5 – probably the easiest battle and you should have all of them unlocked. Might take a few re-runs to make it work but this setup will do the job.

Battle #6 – see #5


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