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Best Soul Reaver Teams (Azmonath Event)

We have a new event going on with a total new boss – Azmonath – in the Soul Reaver Event that is part of the Verdant Valley Anniversary Event in AFK Arena. Beating this boss will get you Vibrant Blooms that you can use to unlock prizes so with every daily fight you want to get as many as possible.

Azmonath has some really interesting skills and you need a very specific strategy to battle him, otherwise he will rip your team apart in a matter of seconds.

Best Teams To Beat Azmonath

His first skill will deal damage to multiple heroes in your team and the longer the fight lasts, the more team members will get that damage – so this is something that requires you to heal your heroes but that’s not the critical thing here.

His second skill, Soul Erosion, will put a debuff on any of your team heroes that used their ultimate and they will lose 20% health per second – in other words, using ultimate will kill your hero within 5 seconds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

To round this up, his third skill will immediately kill any hero that falls below 30% and each time that happens he will get 25% less damage.

Sounds cool, right? Well, sounds hard to beat but there are ways to come by Soul Reaver 🙂


Your main strategy is that you need to use heroes that don’t use their ultimate or they will die within seconds, so let’s talk some options here to beat the Soul Reaver Event…

Must Use Heroes

Wu Kong – he is the desired tank and with all the events with him you are 99% likely to have him. No matter what rarity level you have him, simply put some equipment on him and he will be your tank. He is the only hero that can use his ultimate ability because his ultimate will let him disappear and he can’t be affected by the deathly debuff of Soul Reaver. Must use!

Rowan – he has to be in your team as well because he can heal with his healing potions without using any ultimate and he’s the hero that will keep your team alive. Also, in the later stage of the fight you can use his ability to really increase the damage output (more on that below).

Other Great Hero Options

Now you have 3 spots left that you need to fill with additional heroes and here are some that also work fine – but they are not as mandatory as Rowan and Wu Kong:

Baden – is a great option because he deals solid damage and his summoned copies work without using his ultimate and will deal more and more damage the longer the battle lasts.

Solise – as you know, Rowan can’t heal himself up so Solise can keep him up with her 4th passive skill that will decrease his damage taken and also give him healing over time that will keep him up. You will see below why Rowan needs to survive until the end of the battle.

Now you can fill with any other hero that deals solid damage or has a crazy ultimate damage (see below why)

Battle Tactic

The battle requires some timing and you need to turn off auto skill!

In the first stage of the battle you want to wait until Wu Kong can use his ultimate and use it manually and he will disappear.

After that, the battle gets quite boring as you will watch your heroes bashing without any ultimate

In the last 15-20 seconds (or when you see that your heroes won’t last much longer), you will finish off Soul Reaver with a strong ultimate wave. To do that, use Rowan’s ultimate and wait 1 second until his coins start their effect and then turn on auto-skill so your other heroes will use their ultiates simultaneously.

sould reaver fight

The reason why you do this is that they need to make a huge damage spike at the end to get you as far as possible and the debuff won’t kill them as you would time out anyway 🙂

Practice this a few times to get the timing right and see at which point you need to use the finish to get the most Vibrant Blooms from Soul Reaver 🙂

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