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Guild Ground – Best Defensive Setup & Attacking Guide

Guild Grounds have been introduced along with the new guild setup in September 2019 and added an event called Pillage & Plunder which allows you to defend and attack on a map style layout.

In this guide I’d like to give you some insights to how the Pillage & Plunder feature inside the Guild Ground works, how you should set up your defensive layout and how to attack the right enemies and get all of their loot.

Best Defensive Setup

After you have settled yourself on a spot on the map of your guild – and it actually doesn’t make any difference which spot you take – you’re able to set up your defense.

You will notice that you have three different kinds of defenses that you can place on the map. 3x Watch Towers, 2x Auxiliary Watch Towers and 3x Barricades.

They are explained relatively easy – regular Watch Tower can be filled with your heroes as you please, Auxiliary Watch Towers can get filled with heroes that your guild mates will donate you and Barricades can block certain tiles.

Your goal is to prevent that any attacker can get all of your (or any of your) ponds because they will generate Guild Coins and Gold that you can harvest.

Best Setup

afk arena best guild ground defenseIn the last run there’s a setup that has turned out to be the most efficient and you should actually apply it for your camp in the Guild Grounds as well.

You can see in the image how it looks and the basic idea here is that you put your strongest Watch Tower in the spot that every attacker has to attack first. The reason why you use your strongest team here is that you want to make this attack as expensive for the attacker as possible. Do NOT use a weaker team here because then the attacker is able to charge his ultimates and then attack your strongest team with a lot more confidence.

Behind that you try to prevent the attacker getting most of your ponds without having to fight even more Watch Tower.

I’d put the Auxiliary Watch Towers last, depending how well your guild donates heroes – I’ve seen many situations where those haven#t been filled and with this setup you will still get the most out of it with the Watch Towers and force the attacker to go through all three Watch Towers by smart Barricade placement.

Attacking Tips

When attacking you want to look at exactly the opposite of what I’ve showed you in the last section on defense:

  • bases that don’t require you to fight the strongest Watch Tower first
  • layouts that will give you the option to prevent fighting the hardest Watch Tower at all
  • layouts that allow you to get most fountains and loot with only doing one or two fights

This is actually not that difficult and you will also find plenty of layouts that have not placed down a single Watch Tower at all so don’t hesitate using one of your six daily refreshes you have when a layout doesn’t suit you well to attack in Guild Grounds 🙂

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