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How To Get Free Diamonds & Spend Them Right

Diamonds are really important in AFK Arena because these are one of the most effective ways to summon additional hero cars that you will need to ascend and also to get legendary and mythic gear for your heroes.

The good news is, there are a lot of ways that will give you free Diamonds and some of them are not that obvious so I made this guide here that will show you the best and easiest ways to get additional Diamonds in AFK Arena.

Getting Free Diamonds

Daily Free Offer

This one is a little bit hidden but you can get 40 free Diamonds every day in the offers in the daily tab.

You might have overseen this because you will see the alert of new offers but might not have seen them between all the other options that cost real money.

daily free gems in offers

So, simply go into the offers each day and select the daily tab and claim them.

Unlocked Heroes Story

Whenever you do unlock a new hero in AFK Arena you will see the story tab that will tell you some background info about that hero – even if you’re not that interested about it you can still collect 100 Diamonds there when opening the story.

free diamonds hero stories

The Social Achievements

Following AFk Arena on their social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord etc. will reward you 50 Diamonds each.

Well, if you’re not into social networks you can still easily get them because there’s no validation whether you follow or not 😉

free diamonds from socials

So basically just click the button, go there and jump back to the AFK Arena app and claim your free Diamonds, that’s it.

It gets even better! You can change the language to Chinese and claim them once more:

more free diamonds afk arena

Daily Arena Fight

Using your daily free fights in the arena will give you daily free Diamonds at the next day and also a season award at the end of the week.

Even if you’re not into that competitive part in AFK Arena you should just use your few attacks there frequently to get your Diamonds.

diamonds from arena of heroes

Spending Diamonds Right

We can’t just talk about getting more Diamonds here without talking about how to spend them wisely.

All additonal Diamonds are useless when you’re not able to spend them on the right things. – so here are some thoughts that will help you.

No Gear Before Legendary

Do not buy any gear in the store for Diamonds in AFK Arena unless they are legendary rarity. Especially early in the game before you have Level 100 heroes you will simply waste Diamonds there.

Getting some Elite+ gear costs already 600-700 Diamonds and I can promise you that one week later you will have found or gotten better gewar so you will only swap it on additional heroes that you use here and there.

For the same cost you could have summoned two hero cards that will give you either an additional hero or are useful for ascension.

So, no shopping gear with Diamonds, even before mythic rarity.

Use Discounts When Summoning

I know how tempting it is to spend the 300 Diamonds directly for a summon – but hold back and wait until you have the 2,700 Diamonds to get 10 summons – this is a free summon ad you will only pay 270 Diamonds per summon.

Doesn’t sound much but with hundreds and more summons you do every months this adds up to a few thousand Diamonds easily after a short time playing AFK Arena.

It’s not a race and planning ahead will bring you a lot further in AFK Arena than just spending on whatever just looks well in that situation 🙂

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