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The Frozen Forbidden Land Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Frozen Forbidden Land and we finally have a Voyage of Wonders that has some nice puzzle parts in it! And not themed for a new hero! Almost a classic one (actually it’s a very classic one).

This Voyage of Wonders is closed now, please see here the most recent Voyage of Wonders – Frozen Lava.

The Frozen Forbidden Land General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline in my guide so you can real through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm.

In The Frozen Forbidden Land you have to find your way towards the rewards but there are several (colored) traps that you will step on. You can then disarm the traps with the Disarm Towers, but this will also reset the traps that will block your path. That’s pretty much it.

While the starting part of The Frozen Forbidden Land is quite straightforward, you will see that the final part can be a little tougher in terms of trigger/disarming the traps in the right order to get your path to the final Crystal Chest

Speaking of the final Crystal Chest… the main reward will be 3000x Diamonds (nice) and you will find, next to the usual coins, shards, emblems also 10x Faction Scrolls in the Golden Chests.

afk arena voyage of wonders frozen forbidden land rewards

Overall pretty okay, in my opinion. Stargazing Cards are more worth, but you can never go wrong with Diamonds. Plus the puzzle part is actually pretty nice.

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The Frozen Forbidden Land Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Frozen Forbidden Land.

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Step 1 – right after the intro conversation between Pippa and Mishka you will trigger your first trap and disarm it to get to know the mechanics (1). Then you will be able to fight the camp and step into the portal (2). Oh, yes, by the way… I won’t mention “grab this Golden Chest” everytime in my guide here. If you can reach a Golden Chest without triggering a trap (of if I say otherwise), just grab it!

In the next section, collect the chests and fight the camps and then step on the trap above the railroads (3). Then go to the right and use the Railroad Switch to move the car to the right position on the tracks.

Step 2 – then go back to the left and use the Disarm Tower (1) and then you can go to the right and use the portal (2). Once used the portal, go down and collect the Golden Chest there and then step back into the portal (3):

Step 3 – now step into the portal again, but this time go to the top direction (1), through the red trap. Here’s where the real puzzle fun of The Frozen Forbidden Land starts… first clear the camps and Golden Chests in the area you can reach without stepping on a trap. Then go through the green trap and then the purple trap (1) and collect the Golden Chest there.

After that, use the green Disarm Tower (2) and go through the purple (inactive) trap to the upper part of the green trap (3) where you can collect another Golden Chest:

Step 4 – your goal is to disarm all the blocked paths (green, purple and red) in the middle, so use the red Disarm Tower in the right section (1) to disarm the red one.

Then step back on the green trap (2) before you go to the left and disarm the purple trap (3):

Step 5 – now you can step into the portal in the center and enter the next section of The Frozen Forbidden Land (1). In the following section, collect the chest and step through the red trap, collect the next chest and step on the purple trap there.

Walk to the left and step on the green trap (2). You now have successfully active all three traps that you now have to disarm one by one.Now step on the tile you see in the image (3) BEFORE you move up the cart and disarm the red traps:

Step 6 – now that the red traps are disarmed, you can go to the top right and also disarm the purple traps (1) before you move the railroad cart to the bottom position.

That will open the path to the green Disarm Tower (2) that you can also disarm and now you can collect the Crystal Chest (3) in the center.

Step 7 – last but not least you need to collect the remaining Golden Chest to finish The Frozen Forbidden Land.

You have one at the top behind the green block that is now open. Please mind to go through the railroads and NOT through the green trap! 

That’s it, you successfully have finished this Voyage of Wonders realm

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