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The Icy Garden Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Icy Garden. Below you will find everything about the rewards, what you have to mind and, of course, the full walkthrough step-by-step as I always publish here. No worries, I will not spoiler any storyline or anything else in my guide.

The Icy Garden General & Rewards

The Icy Garden is all about getting through the map by using the one-way tracks to get from one point to the other. The are levers for every one-way track that will revert direction so you can go back but things can get messy if you go wildly through the Icy Garden. I have not tried all combinations to be 100% sure that you can’t get stuck and have to re-start but also if you don’t use my walkthrough below you want to double-think about every move you take.

Let’s talk rewards and this time the rewards are completely fine again. We have some Soulstones, Boosters, Emblems and Shards and the Main reward are 10x Stargazing Cards so I believe it’s save to say we can be happy with it (especially  compared to the previous rewards in the last Voyage of Wonders we’ve seen).

Here’s the full rewards of The Icy Garden:

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The Icy Garden Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Icy Garden.

Please mind that The Icy Garden will become available on the official servers on December 25th, so I will update and fine-tune my walkthrough here in the coming days. You can be sure that you will find the final and updated version here once The Icy Garden becomes available.

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Step 1 – after the quite long chat between Pippa and Raku you can start and you need to step on the lower one-way track (1) and clear the camp here, collect the Golden Chest and then use the lever at the end (2) to change the direction of the one-way track. Then you can return to you initial position and use the upper one-way track (3):

Step 2 – in the next section take the upper track (1), then also clear the camp there, collect the Golden Chest and use the lever (2) and return. Now take the lower one-way track (3):

Then go down and take the upper one-way track (4) and clear the section there, oncluding using the lever as well (5). Then head down and clear the section there (6) and go left on the one-way track:

Step 3 – in the middle take the Golden Chest and step on the upper track (1) where you can collect the other Golden Chest before the very left track will get you to the bottom.

Here you need to clear the camp, use the lever and talk to the traveler in the camp (2) before leaving on the left track (Updated! take the middle track). This will take you to the lever (3) that you need to use and then the upper one-way track will give you the chance to leave the area. Go all the way up until you’re at the gate that you can open to pass through (not in the images, sorry for that).

Step 4 – you should be at the position you’ve been at in Step 2. Follow the one-way track there (1) and in the following section of The Icy Garden you need to only clear the camp and collect the Golden Chest (2). Don’t use the lever! Then you can leave the section via the bottom one-way track.

Then follow the track until you reach the section with the lever (3) that you need to use before taking the upper one-way track.

Now clear the camps there and collect the three Golden Chests before using the lever to the left (4). Then go to the red lever and use it (5), but make sure that you collected all 3x Golden Chests there before you do that. Then follow the tracks and you will find yourself on the previous point again (6). There you need to use the lever again but this time you will take the track to your right:

Step 5 – follow that path until you get to the portal on the very right side of the map of the Icy Garden and walk through it (1), Yes, you can pass through the portal by clicking the tile behind it. This will save you some steps.  Then follow the path and take the one-way tracks as shown below (2+3):

Now collect the Golden Chest on the very right (4) and do the same move again by walking through the portal by clicking the tile behind it (5) and then take the Golden Chest and use one of the tracks to get out.

Now it’s time to enter the final area of The Icy Garden (6) by fighting the boss there and then you can collect the final Crystal Chest. ATTENTION! Make sure you have collected ALL Golden Chests before you take the final one-way track to the Crystal Chest. If not, do that first. There’s no way to return from the Crystal Chest and you have to restart The Icy Garden if you have missed any Golden Chest by now!

If you have done that you have successfully beaten the Icy Garden Voyage of Wonders, the final VoW realm of the year 2021! Have great holidays and a Happy New Year.

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