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The Road Home Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Road Home.

The Road Home General & Rewards

When looking at the rewards and it as it seemed recently that Lilith started giving out better rewards again… well, with The Road Home we take a step backwards. The main reward is 10x Faction Scroll which I personally really don’t like and often enough only will reward with some fodders.

Some Coins, Elemental Cores/Shards, Booster Choice Chests along with some regular Summon Scrolls will make the full list of all rewards:

afk arena voyage of wonders the road home rewards

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The Road Home Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Road Home.

Sorry that the guide was finished late, there have been some problems on the test servers so I wasn’t able to write my guide as usual… anyway, guide’s finished, enjoy The Road Home.

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Step 1 – first thing to do is to click on the bar and then start a chat (1) right at your starting position. After a quick chat you need to go north and talk to the fisher (2) before selecting one of the berry trees and collecting a berry there (2). Then go back to the fisher and talk to him and give him the berry. In return you will get the missing track that you need to fix the tracks (3). Now you can enter the next section of The Road Home but don’t forget there’s one Golden Chest at the bottom that you need to collect before crossing the tracks over the water:

Step 2 – at the beginning of the next section you will see a Cannon (1) that you need to fire and open up the path to the tracks. There’s also a camp with enemies to defeat. Then go to the north and follow the tracks there (2) until you reach the Outpost at the end (3). Talk to Wounded Veteran in the outpost.

Right after that, pick up the gunpowder next to the outpost (4) and go back to the entrance of the section and load and fire the Cannon there (5) once more. This will clear another part. Go back and pick up another batch of gunpowder (4) and load + fire the Cannon next to it (6) and fire it two times:


The reason is that you now have destroyed the two enemy camps that are impossible to defeat for most players at this state.

Step 3 – now that the two enemy camps have been removed, go to that section and defeat the boss camp there (1) and then talk to the outpost guy once more (2) and you will get another set of missing tracks that you need to use now to repair the tracks (3):

then also repair the part over the water (4) and follow the track to the end of The Road Home (5) where you need to collect one Lotus flower. Once you’ve collected it, return to the bar from the very beginning and talk to the guy there and he will give you a Moonstone (6):

Step 4 – now you’re at the last section of The Road Home and first you need to go back to the middle section but head left where you will find a path with several camps that you need to defeat (1) before entering the Mysterious Hole (2). There you need to talk to the Durri Chief (3):

now you’re able to collect the last mission piece of tracks that you can collect when walking the path up (4). Head back to the tracks and install the missing parts (5 & 6) to completely restore the tracks.

Then go back to the entrance section and you can send the cart on its way and it will cross the tracks. Once that is done, you can collect the final Crystal Chest and if you haven’t forgotten to collect any Golden Chests, you have no fully completed The Road Home:

afk arena voyage of wonders the road home walkthrough step final

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