afk arena raku and peggy new heroes

Upcoming New Heroes In AFK Arena – Raku + Peggy

New heroes are quite frequently introduced in AFK Arena and of course you guys want to know what heroes are coming up next to help planning with fodders so I decided to make this list here that I frequently update with the latest sneak peeks and leaks that are out there.

New Wilder/Lightbearer Heroes – Raku & Peggy (March 2021)

2 new heroes are coming in Patch 1.60. They will be available on the test server tomorrow and I will share all insights here as soon as possible!

Peggy is a support hero with the guards that she summons. The guards seem to be quite sustainable and versatile and also guard her well. The knockdown and charge of the guards seems to be really powerful but we need to see more in-game action to get a good idea how powerful she will be.

Raku seems to be a pretty direct damage dealing hero that also can, with his SIgnature Item, inflict enemy haste. His abilities to target specific enemies is very interesting and has the potential to be really helpful in Wilder teams.

New Lightbearer Hero – Eluard (February 2021)

It’s super long since we saw a new Lightbearer hero in AFK Arena and with the upcoming 1.58 Update (more info here) we will see one.

eluard skills

eluard ingameHe’s a mage class (not support class) intelligence hero and he’s all about shielding. Yes, shields are something that he does with almost all skills and abilities and the interesting part is that he can put the enemy furthest into the enemy team into immunity. This will bring some dynamic into a lot of team compositions, especially those using heroes like Lucretia, Athalia, Cecilia, Thane and all heroes that like to get into the back of the enemy team.


New Wilder Hero – Respen (February 2021)

A new hero is coming with the 1.57 Update (more info here). Right now we only know the name and how it will look like, but as soon as he will become available on the test servers (in a few hours), I’ll be happy to give you more info here.

afk arena respen in game

Respen will be a pretty strong her looking at his skills. His ultimate has a decent damage multiplier and also has a stun to take the enemy with the highest attack rating.

Here are all his skills:

New Mauler Hero – Kren (February 2021)

A new Mauler faction hero is coming to AFK Arena and you will really like him as he will bring several cool things to your mauler formation:

kren stats and skills

The bombs need quite some knockback to get triggered, so you need to combine him with a hero that will do some knockbacks, especially Skreg will work fine. The damage you can get from that synergy is quite nice. His other critical buff for your main tank allied is really strong and with that AoE output you will really see a nice improvement in faction tower.

New Hypogean Hero – Alna (December 2020)

A new celestial hero is incoming with Alna, the Frozen Mother. She’s an ability warrior class hero and her skills are really interesting with a haste debuff, AoE damage and also burst damage she looks like becoming a savage damage dealer and control hero as well by taking so much haste from the enemy team. Also, she looks really cool.

afk arena alna skills

Here’s what she’s going to look like in-game:

alna afk arena ingame looks

New Hypogean Hero – Mortas (November 2020)

A real Hypogean support hero is coming with Mortas and the skills look really interesting. Mortas primarily will buff the hero with the highest attack rating even more and starts eating enemy health and shield (and also adds that ability to the hero with the highest attack rating). In addition he can heal allies that are injured most and also steal healing from the enemy that regenerated the most health.

afk arena new hero Mortas

This all sounds pretty insane on paper, I admit. I’m really hyped to see how Mortas will work inside tha game but I think he will be one of the craziest heroes when he gets released in December with the 1.52 update.

Here’s also how he will look like in-game as well as his Signature Item and Furniture Bonus:

New Graveborn Hero – Silas (November 2020)

Raise your hands, we finally get the first real support hero for the Graveborn faction, Silas. His theme is pretty related to Izold and his ultimate will buff allies and give them immunity for a certain period. He also has a direct healing for the weakest ally as well as an AoE healing effect that heals everyone.

new hero silas afk arena

I really like the skills and think this will be really useful for Faction Tower and I can’t wait to test Silas on the test server.

New Wilder Hero – Pippa (November 2020)

In the patch notes for version 1.50 of the game there’s a new hero mentioned, called Pippa (The Muddled Magician). There’s also an image been leaked form the game files a few days ago that I’m pretty sure is showing how Pippa will look like:

afk arena pippa

Unfortunately there’s not much known about Pippa (but from the name you can be sure it will be a caster hero) so I hope I can tell you more soon.


Here are the skills and Signature Item stats:

Pippa will randomly imitate either Nemora, Arden or Tasi’s ultimate, so this can be really interesting. Also, Pippa will prioritize either Nemora’s, Arden’s or Tasi’s ultimate if these heroes are within the same formation. You can basically use Pippa with Tasi do get double ultimate effect which is really sick. Other than that some nice control and damage dealing abilities as well, I think Pippa can be a really strong hero for the Wilder faction!

New Dimensional Heroes – Ainz & Albedo (October 2020)

With Ezio from Assassins Creed we got a new Dimensional Hero not that long ago and we’re facing two new dimensional heroes in the coming AFK Arena Update, very likely version 1.49  in the coming week.

Like Ezio it will be possible to use them for trial first and also exchange them for currency inside the game, hopefully without a cap like last time so we can use the currency that we like.

afk arena albedo new hero

Ainz Ooal Gown

A full blown damage dealer in the mage class in the Elder Tree with silencing and AoE damage. I find the Magic Caster ability really interesting where he will shift through different ability stages. Hopefully this will not make him squishy and a lot rng dependant, but everything sounds quite strong here.

afk arena albedo new hero preview


She’s a really nice tank, also in the tank class in the Elder Tree with powerful abilities that deal AoE damage as well as giving her a shield. I see her really protecting the backline heroes as well and with her shield she will become quite durable. Her crit debuff sounds really interesting but it’s hard to say how much it is (although it can’t be stacked). She’s a really interesting hero, especially as dimensional hero that you don’t need to ascend all the way with the link.

New Celopogean Heroes – Zaphrael & Lucretia (October 2020)

A new Celestial and Hypogean faction hero is coming in the next update of AFK Arena, Lucretia and Zaphrael.

Good news first, you will be able to pick one epic copy of either Zaphrael or Lucretia after the update, but I highly recommend you to wait for some time to see which one is better.

afk arena zaphrael new hero


A classic caster hero when looking at his skills that seems to be quite mobile on the battlefield by changing his positions with his ultimate and abilities as well. His main objective seems to be dealing damage and we will find out if the damage is so over the top that he will become meta or not. I really miss some more benefits from him next to deal damage seems to be shielding here and there to stay alive.

afk arena lucretia new hero


She is a pure assassin with some nice debuffs as well, looks like you can also use her to deal with the enemy hero that deals most damage with the pitfal of Zaphrael being her focus when he’s on the enemy team. I’m really looking forward to see how her skulls work in the dynamics of a real battle, but to me she looks more powerful than Zaphrael.

New Graveborn Hero – Theowyn (August 2020)

We’ve been asking for a true support hero for the Graveborn faction for ages, right? Well, Theowyn is the next new hero in AFK Arena so let’s have a look at her abilities:

afk arena theowyn new hero

Well, the call for a real support hero doesn’t seem to come true again. She seems to be pretty well looking after herself and dealing good amount of damage as well with good survivability features. I really would like to see how she performs in a real battle but to me this all doesn’t look that stunning that she will be able to synergize well with a full Graveborn team in the Faction Tower.

New Mauler Hero – Drez (August 2020)

Drez is the Mauler hero that we’ve all been waiting for… not. Yes, if you have waited for a good support hero for Mauler faction you will not like Drez.

afk arena drez new hero

Drez is a pure damage dealer that primarily reduces the defense of the enemy he’s attacking while he has the ability to leave the battlefield when the action becomes too hot for him. I really have to say that I’m disappointed here, but let’s see how he performs in the game meta 🙁

New Graveborn Hero – Daimon (July 2020)

afk arena daimon new hero

New Celestial Hero – Flora (June 2020)

A new celestial hero is coming to AFK Arena and Flora looks very much like a hero that can be nasty to deal with as she can get herself in the air and will be there immune to anything until all allies dies while dealing AoE damage. She will be the last hero of her team and although this sounds powerful, I doubt that her damage will be that high that she will become meta as this would simply make her break the whole meta.

afk arena flora new hero

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