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Best Ice Shemira Teams (Event)

Right now we have a new special event going on where you can do a daily battle against Ice Shemira that will reward you with keys that you can use in Midwinter Surprise to get some nice rewards – and the sooner you will unlock the Ultimate Reward you have the chance for a second round.

Long story short, getting the max of 5 daily keys from Ice Shemira is worth it and I wanted to give you some team recommendations that you can use to get those keys (if your heroes are well- ascended and leveled up) or at least get the most keys you can get every day.

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Best Teams To Beat Ice Shemira

Here are the best teams that you can use so far.

Team #1

This is actually the team that you will find in a lot of places and looking at the logs also the team that performs well for most players I know – a solid setup in my opinion and nothing too special so probably also the team you can use.

Basically this team works like that…

Lucius is the key tank against Ice Shemira if you ask me. Reason for that is that his shield for the team works very well in keeping everyone alive during the battle so you can pull out that damage and for me there’s no substitute hero you should use for him.

Shemira is a great damage dealer in this setup, especially if you upgraded her Signature Item enough so she will get the huge additional damage against a single enemy.

Rowan’s role here is not primarily healing but rather doing the energy buff (especially if you have his Signature Item well leveled up) and the attack buff for your whole team.

Rosaline will, obviously, buff your main damage dealer (Shemira) here and make her use her ultimate a lot more often and skyrocket the damage by doing that. The bonus here is that Rosaline will also do some solid damage in this setup as well.

Belinda is in this team primarily to get the team bonus with the 4 Lightbearers active and you can easily swap her out for any other damage dealer if you want to (should be also at a decent ascension level). Raine, Lyca or Estrilda work great instead of her as well.

Team #2

This is another team that is used a lot but it will require you to have the Celestial Twins ascended, which not many players out there have.

Again, we have Lucius as the main tank and he needs to hold. If you see that he is too squishy you need to use another tank!

In this setup, Gwyneth will deal the main damage and the Celestial Twins support even more by adding the extra haste. Ice Shemira will only attack the first two targets, which can be Rowan or Rosaline next to Lucius so when one of them goes ahead they still will only get the AoE damage from Ice Shemira.

Team #3 – coming soon…

I’m still testing and also talking with a lot of people and if I come up with other good team setups to beat Ice Shemira I will post them here 🙂

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