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AFK Arena Faction Priority & Hero Priority

Let’s talk about factions in AFK Arena, specifically what factions to choose. To put it straight, what faction you should prioritize at what stage in the game and how your hero priority for each faction should look like. To get more details about the hero ascension priority, check out my guide about ascending here.

Factions In AFK Arena

I think the best way, before I get more into detail, is giving you an overview for the different factions so you can see the general picture:

Tank A B C A A A A
Burst B A A C A A A
Sustain B A B A A A A
Support A B A C A B C
Difficulty A B B B C C C
Compatibility A B A B A A B

Tank: how are the tanks in this faction in terms of usability, also in other teams.

CC: are there heroes that can crowd control?

Support: are support heroes available? How strong are they?

AoE: area damage ability of heroes

Burst: burst damage ability of heroes

Sustain: how durable are the heroes (or how fragile are they)?

Difficulty: how hard is to build the heroes to ascended

Compatibility: how hard is to integrate the heroes into a team, simply spoken how easy is it to fit the heroes in different setups or do they require certain synergies to work well.

Factions In Details

The table above only was the overview, let’s get deeper into the factions:

Lightbearers: the easiest faction to build heroes with the extra fodder hero and good availablity in the store to get. Lacks cc which gets harder later in the game but will be the go-to choice early and mid-game

Maulers: the heroes are weak in the early parts of AFK Arena but get stronger later. Also don’t provide much cc and damage is primarily done via burst damage rather than AoE so enemies with casters can cause trouble

Wilder: lacks good tanks but have great cc and burst damage and AoE as well. Also great to fit in other teams as well.

Graveborn: not much burst potential but heroes are really sustanable and offer different kinds of damage and cc.

Celestials/Hypogeans/Dimensionals: really strong heroes but super hard to build. Don’t focus on them before oyu have at least 10-15 ascended heroes. More on that here.

Faction Priority

In general you should focus on heroes for every faction. I have below a hero priority for every faction but in general here’s how the faction should be prioritized (e.g. when selecting your faction epic hero card from summons, using Faction Summons and other choices that you have in AFK Arena that involve choosing something faction related).

Early Game (Until Hero Level 160):

Focus on Lightbearers as you will have great heroes there. Hogan will be your first tank and can be later fodder for Lucius. Rowan is an excellent hero through the entire game, Rosaleen super useful later as well and Belinda also has a solid place in late game. Faction bonus will also be useful. Also build some heroes from Wilder (like Nemora, Tasi or Saurus). Build only Saveas in Mauler faction as you have hima s main damage carry and can fodder him later as well + focus on Shemira in the Graveborn faction. Ignore Celestial and Hypogeans right now.

Mid Game (Hero Level 160-240):

Lightbearers are still important and with the heroes mentioned above (Lucius, Rowan, Rosaleen, Belinda) you have solid tank, support and damage options. You start adding Fawkes to teams with nasty enemies. Keep the ascending to those heroes for now.

Mauler heroes are still not that important right now and if you can build Brutus do it as he will be a nice alternative tank until end game as well. Perspectively build Warek, Skreg and Safiya for faction tower later but keep your ascending to a minimum.

For Wilder heroes build the ones mentioned above (especially Tasi and Saurus) and perspectively Eironn as he will get super important end game. Lyca is also a perspective for the end game.

Graveborn will be all about Shemira and perspectively Thorann for cheesing later and Ferael.

Late & End Game (Beginning Hero Level 240):

Get your 15 ascended heroes ready with these mandatory heroes:

  • Lightbearers: Rowan, Rosaleen, Gwyneth/Belinda, Fawkes
  • Mauler: Skreg, Safiya, Warek
  • Wilder: Eironn, Tasi, Lyca, Saurus, Nemora
  • Graveborn: Shemira, Nara, Thoran, Ferael

Then you can start Stargazing for Celestial and Hypogeans where you should focus on Talene first and then Ezizh, Twins and more (see here more details)

Faction Hero Priority

Please mind that this is not a fixed list but should help you decide what heroes to primarily work on. Save fodders for the first ones as they will be important to be ascended once reaching Hero level 240.

Important! This is NOT a tier list about strength, it’s more a order in which you should focus on the heroes. You find a full tier list of all here.


High Prio
Important saurus
other heroes… other heroes…
Additions grezhul
Lower Prio other heroes… other heroes… other heroes… other heroes…

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