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Hero Weakness & Counter Guide

How often does it happen that you’re facing a battle where one single enemy hero seems to give you the trouble? Probably a lot, especially at the earlier stages of AFK Arena where it’s hard to keep track of all the 100+ different heroes and know what their ultimates do.

For that reason, I started building a counter list that you can see below where you see how you can take a certain enemy out of the equation if you have trouble.

The Most Effective Counters For Any Hero In AFK Arena

Ainz Ooal Gown – super nasty to deal with as he is immune to crowd control and also has the shield at the beginning. Athalia is a possible counter, although she often won’t prevent his ultimate but at least gets him down almost entirely before that happens. Another way is Oden as he can steal Ainz’ energy before he uses his ultimate. Doesn’t work 100% but well enough to use it frequently. Of course, Ezizh with Celestial Twins also work in preventing Ainz from using his ultimate.

Albedo – …coming soon

Alna – …coming soon

Anoki – …coming soon

Arden – his rooting can be really annoying and break your team synergy. To counter him you can use Nara as her stomping will delay his rooting and you can take him down faster. Alternatively you can also use Athalia to try to get him down fast as well or use Arden + haste buffing heroes yourself so your roots will be casted first on the enemy Arden.

Arthur – …coming soon

athaliaAthalia – here you have several options. The easiest is just placing a tank on that position that will keep her busy (Brutus works really well with his last gasp skill). Also heroes that use crowd control like Tasi (blinks away) or Arden (will root her) do counter Athalia.

Baden – …coming soon

Belinda – …coming soon

BrutusBrutus – his ultimate shield is really annoying, so you have multiple options here. Using Fawkes is possible as his ultimate will remove his shield. Also Nara works as her ultimate will ignore shield so you can use her ultimate manually once you see Brutus getting his shield. If these two heroes are no option, use Brutus on your own and let the two Brutus beat each other.

Cecilia – …coming soon

Celestial Twins – …coming soon

Daimon – …coming soon

Drez – …coming soon

EironnEironn – here we talk especially about his skill that will drag your heroes together in front of him. If you just want to avoid much AoE damage, use Rosa in this position as she will leave the place anyway and you won’t get all heros grouped up that much. Hard countering it will be either with Fawkes who will put Eironn in his coffin or Athalia/Nara who will interrupt his skill actively.

Estrilda – …coming soon

Ezio – …coming soon

ezizhEzizh – also a nasty hero to deal with and the best way is to place two DPS heroes right in front of him to take him down fast. Also a combination like Rosa with Belinda counters really well as he can’t proc his passive ability.

Fawkes – …coming soon

feraelFerael – he can be a huge pain when he drains your energy production but luckily you can directly counter him with Nemora and her charming. Alternatively heroes like Athalia or Nara also work with interrupting him casting shadows, but Nemora counters by far best.

Flora – …coming soon

Grezhul – …coming soon

Gwyneth – …coming soon

Hendrik – …coming soon

Isabella – …coming soon

Izold – …coming soon

kazKaz – can be really annoying and squishy to counter with her high dodge rate. I recommend using a hero like Brutus to directly counter her and wait for any intelligence hero to deal with her. With Brutus you have the advantage that she will be busy and it’s impossible for her to take Brutus down with his last gasp and his sword rotation move will get at least some hits on her.

Kelthur – …coming soon

Khasos – his axes can be fatal and take your best backline heroes. All you can do to counter him is trying to force him to turn around. You can use Thane or Athalia who will jump behind him so he will turn around or you can use Grezhul to summon skeletons that will also force Khasos to turn around.

Khazard – …coming soon

Lorsan – …coming soon

Lucius – he can be a real pain with his shield, so you have two options to counter him. Hard counter would be Fawkes who can remove the shield with his ultimate. Alternatively, heroes who can block energy or block his ultimate like Ferael, Nara or Ezizh do also work.

Lucretia – …coming soon

Lyca – …coming soon

Mehira – …coming soon

Mezoth – …coming soon

Mirael – …coming soon

Nakoruru – …coming soon

Nara – …coming soon

Nemora – …coming soon

Numisu – …coming soon

Oden – …coming soon

Orthos – …coming soon

Oscar – …coming soon

Pippa – …coming soon

Raine – …coming soon

Rigby – …coming soon

Rosaline – …coming soon

Rowan – …coming soon

Safiya – …coming soon

Satrana – …coming soon

Saurus – …coming soon

Saveas – …coming soon

Seirus – …coming soon

ShemiraShemira – she’s probably the most-wanted hero on this list earlier in the game. Luckily, you have multiple options against her. Fawkes work well putting her in his coffin at the beginning of the battle and taking her out of the battle. You can also use Tasi to banish her ot let Ferael decrease her energy production to keep her from using her ultimate ability. Also using a Shemira yourself with a hero like Lyca who will give her speed so your Shemira can silence the enemy Shemira can work well.

Skreg – …coming soon

Skriath – …coming soon

Solise – …coming soon

Talene – …coming soon

TasiTasi – the best way to counter her is using Athalian or Nara who will use their interruption on Tasi. It’s a little squishy and doesn’t work 100% of the time but that’s the most effective way. A dummy Brutus can also help but later in the game that’s a wasted hero slot in your team just for the sake of Tasi banishing Brutus…

Thane – …coming soon

Theowyn – …coming soon

Thoran – …coming soon

Tidus – …coming soon

Torne – …coming soon

Ukyo – …coming soon

Ulmus – …coming soon

Vurk – …coming soon

Warek – …coming soon

Wo Kong – …coming soon

Zaphrael – …coming soon

Zolrath – …coming soon

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