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Leveling Guide For AFK Arena

What’s the fastest way to level heroes and progress in AFK Arena? Well, this is something that is not that obvious from the beginning and you might just use the wrong strategy.

In this guide here I have the best strategy for the fastest leveling progress.

Leveling In General & The Problem

You gain experience when you’re AFK and when you beat stages in the campaign – this experience is used to level up your heroes.

level up afk arena expThe problem is, every additional level will cost more and the costs cumulate fast and you will easy come to the point below hero level 100 that you can’t get enough experience anymore to level up one hero for more than one level per day with the daily income when you’re slowing down the progress in the campaign map (what you will as you can’t level up your heroes that fast anymore).

So, the basic learning is that you will need to spend this experience very wisely to progress faster.

And there’s a strategy that will help you mid game a lot, especially when you reached hero level 80+

Leveling Faster

So the basic strategy appears to be the one where you will level up all your heroes equally, right?

Well, it’s not that easy in AFK Arena.

The stats will also rise more – so upgrading a hero from Level 20 to 21 will give a lot smaller boost in stats than upgrading a hero from Level 90 to 91. This means that the higher level will add so much more value.

What also comes into place with this is that if you have a hero that is 10 or 20 level higher than the opponent hero it will simply crush them without even taking a scratch – a single hero Level 100 can easily beat a full team of heroes that are Level 90.

So here’s the strategy that you can tailor around that.

Early Stage (Level 1 to Level 80) – Power Leveling

In this stage you just need one very strong hero (check out the tier list here to see the ones you need) that is able to deal some great damage that will take out enemies and excusively level this hero up. You can really leave the other heroes at a low level, maybe if you have a secondary healing hero that is great you can also give that hero some level. But primarily you will level that hero up.

Defense rating and health is not that important because this hero at a much higher level that he won’t get that much damage anyway.

This hero should be of course a hero that is not a caster, so take a hero like Shemara, Brutus, Saveas or any comparable hero.

Now you can full your team with any other heroes from the same faction to give that hero an additional 25% stats buff and go through the campaign missions.

Mid Stage (Level 80+) – Balancing

Around chapter 6 or 7 you will notice that the enemy teams have a lot more synergies and this gets more difficult and thanks to the Resonating Crystal.

The Resonating Crystal only requires you to have a full team of 5 heroes and their level will be shared with additional heroes.

Resonating Crystal leveling afk arena

By that time you should have already a good idea how your team will look like and what heroes you want to take (and already started ascending them) – if not, please check out my guide about good team setups here.

Now you will need to start having a team that can hold up and you need to start leveling those heroes as well – still, you can keep your strongest hero at about 20 levels higher than the others while the other heroes should have about the level of the teams you face.

Don’t level any other heroes, if you have more heroes that you use accasionally just add more solts to the Resonating Crystal!


This startegy should take you to the endgame where hero levels become less important as all heroes are leveled up at the max level at some point and team synergies, ascension levels and gear ย is what makes the difference. However, this takes a long time and this guide is primarily for those players at the early or mid stage in AFK Arena ๐Ÿ˜‰

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