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Leveling Guide For AFK Arena

What’s the fastest way to level heroes and progress in AFK Arena? Well, this is something that is not that obvious from the beginning and you might just use the wrong strategy.

In this guide here I have the best strategy for the fastest leveling progress.

Leveling In General & The Problem

There are three stages in AFK Arena when it comes to your hero levels, let me outline them real quick for you.

Stage 1 (Early) – You’ll level up so much and frequently that you wish you have a “+10 Level” button. That’s the happy time where you will gain 10-50 levels per week easily.

Stage 2 (Mid Game) – Leveling becomes more challenging and you will see that progress slowing down to getting like 1-5 levels in per week. Still alright. This continues until all your main heroes have Level 240.

Stage 3 (End Game) – once you have reached Level 240 you will need at least 5 heroes at Ascended to use the Resonating Crystal to level up all heroes at once. This is a lot slower, obviously, but also can get you into trouble (more on that below)

So, for every stage I have some tips for you to help you getting the fastest progress.

Leveling Faster & BETTER

So, for every stage you have some different approaches, but first some general rules that you should always mind.

NEVER level up more than 5 heroes! Use the Resonation Crystal to get more heroes on the same level as you main heroes. Your main heroes are the heroes with the HIGHEST ascension level (not the ones that you use most!!!) because you can level them higher and all other heroes will get their higher level as well.

If you level up more than 5 heroes you simply wasteresources.

Resonating Crystal leveling afk arena

Leveling In Early Stages (Hero Level 100 and lower)

In this stage you just need one very strong hero (check out the tier list here to see the ones you need) that is able to deal some great damage that will take out enemies and excusively level this hero up. You can really leave the other heroes at a low level, maybe if you have a secondary healing hero that is great you can also give that hero some level. But primarily you will level that hero up.

Defense rating and health is not that important because this hero at a much higher level that he won’t get that much damage anyway.

This hero should be of course a hero that is not a caster, so take a hero like Shemara, Brutus, Saveas or any comparable hero.

Now you can full your team with any other heroes from the same faction to give that hero an additional 25% stats buff and go through the campaign missions.

Mid Stage (Level 100-200) – Balancing

Around chapter 6 or 7 you will notice that the enemy teams have a lot more synergies and this gets more difficult and thanks to the Resonating Crystal.

The Resonating Crystal only requires you to have a full team of 5 heroes and their level will be shared with additional heroes.

By that time you should have already a good idea how your team will look like and what heroes you want to take (and already started ascending them) – if not, please check out my guide about good team setups here.

Now you will need to start having a team that can hold up and you need to start leveling those heroes as well – still, you can keep your strongest hero at about 20 levels higher than the others while the other heroes should have about the level of the teams you face.

Don’t level any other heroes, if you have more heroes that you use occasionally just add more slots to the Resonating Crystal!

Late Mid Stage (Level 200-240)

Now you should work on your 5 heroes that you will get ascended. Your main goal is to get 3 or more to ascended before you hit Hero Level 240. It doesn’t matter what heroes they are, if you use them or whatever. Only focus on getting 5 heroes to ascended and that’s it.

If you fail you will be stuck at Level 240 until you have 5 ascended heroes and that can take weeks and be really frustrating!

Endgame (Level 240+)

Now you will level up all heroes via the Crystal at once and only one level at a time (for a nice amount of resources, of course). Play it slow now and only level your heroes up if you need to!

Events, Lab etc. base their difficulty for you on the performance and always sitting at the absolute max can get you stuck. It’s better to have the option to bump up some levels for a good event instead of always living at the limit and maybe pass on some nice rewards.

The Level 300 Cap For F2P?!?!

Once reaching Level 300, you will get into a pool with the whales (the players that spend a lot of money on AFK Arena) for Twisted Realm. This means you will get lessTwisted Essence for your Dura’s virtues’s in the tree.

I mean you can’t stay below Level 300 forever, but sitting there for some weeks or longer will give you more Twisted Essence during that time and once you break through the Level 300, there’s no turning back.

I can tell you that you will run solid Gold or low Crystal Tier rewards below Level 300 to see Silver at Level 305 with the same combination, simply because the world above Level 300 is full of whales.

Think about it really well and maybe consider taking your Dura’s Virtues in the Tree for Level 20+ each before leveling past Hero Level 300!

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