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Abyssal Expedition Guide

I know that there are multiple guides out there for Abyssal Expedition, some really in-depth while others are super general so it’s hard to really take out anything.

What I wanted to do is writing you guys a guide that will help you in your next Abyssal Expedition with team and path recommendations and other useful tips without getting in too deep.

I will update this guide with every new Abyssal Expedition to keep it up to date, especially with the maps, bosses and other things that Lilith changes in between seasons of Abyssal Expedition.

Season 3 (December 2020)

Right after the beto of the Overlord heroes, we now get a “not-beta” official season of Abyssal Expedition with that map. It’s the same map as last time, where half of the players are starting from one side and the other half from the other side, fighting towards the boss in the center.


abyssal expedition season 3 map

Here’s the suggested route to take, I think most players will stick to it unless you will get randomly matched with players that have absolutely no clue what they’re doing.

Teams & Heroes

Here’s the recommended order of heroes that you should stick to – please mind that this is different and depends on what side of the map you’re starting!

Starter heroes if you’re starting on the RIGHT SIDE:

When you become Baron, add these:

When you become Earl, add these:

When you become Duke, add these:

Starter heroes if you’re starting on the LEFT SIDE:

When you become Baron, add these:

When you become Earl, add these:

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When you become Duke, add these:

Final Boss Team

Of course, there are many setups that will deal damage to the final boss, but here are some teams that worked well so why wasting food trying it out yourself.

Try the pairing yourself, depending how well your heroes are ascended.

Alternative heroes to swap in:


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