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Ancient Seal Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called the Ancient Seal. This time we have a cool realm that reminds a lot on the early Peaks of Time realms and made a lot of fun to pla.

The Ancient Seal General & Rewards

You basically go around the map of the Ancient Seal and help different citizens out in order to solve this realm. As we’ve seen it with realms of this style, you will have to go through these conversations in a specific order and one thing is important here – you will not get relics from every battle and there are some battles that are quite close and you probably have to do them 10 times or more to beat them.

The rewards for the Ancient Seal are pretty much the same as last time, with 10x Stargazing Cards as the main reward in the final Crystal Chest. The Golden Chests have boosters but also emblems (including 10x Faction Emblem Choice Chest) as well as some Furniture Coins.

I think it’s fine for the difficulty level of the Ancient Seal and Stargazing Cards can be useful to anyone, right?

Ancient Seal Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for the Ancient Seal.

Step 1 – starting the realm, you need to talk to both villagers that you see with the exclamation mark above:

afk arena voyage of wonders ancient seal walkthrough step 1

Once you’ve done this, the map will clear up and you can walk towards the left side. Go to the bottom there (1) and fight the camp and collect the Golden Chest. Do not use the portal.

Then go up where you will find two more camps (2) that you need to fight and you can collect one more Golden Chest and one Ancient Book that you need. The fights can be tough so don’t be surprised if you need to do several tries.

Step 2 – now go to the village to the left side and talk to all the villagers there (1 + 2). Then go to the top right exit and fight through the camps (3) before talking to the Mauler Camp there (4).

Then go back to the General Store (1) and you’re able to start a battle there and you will get a hint to the Sunstone from the storekeeper. Then go back to the Mauler Dwelling (4) and the gate behind it will open up and you can collect one more Golden Chest there.

Step 3 – no leave the town to the top left side (1) and proceed to the camp where you talk to Rowan (2) who wants you to bring him a Lava Lamp in exchange for the Star Stone.

After your conversation with Rowan go to the north side to the Lava section of the Ancient Seal map.

Step 4 – now enter the Sun Cave (1) and clear all the camps and chests there. Then you need to illuminate the stones there in the order shown below (2):

Step 5 – now enter the Moon Cave (1) and clear the camps there and collect the Golden Chests. Then activate the mechanisms there in the order shown (2) to pass the Moon Cave Challenge:

Step 6 – now follow the path to the south in the Moon Cave until you reach the gate (1). You can go through now and then you can talk to Rowan again (2) and he will tell you that you need to light up the lamp before he will exchange it.

So walk back behind the Mauler Camp where you have the volcano that will light up the lamp (3). Now you can return to Rowan to exchange the everlasting lamp for the Star Stone (4).

Step 7 – now walk back up and you can use the seal now to open the door (1). There you need to beat the boss fight, collect the chest and use the portal that will take you back to the start.


Now talk to the villagers from the beginning and they will give you access to the final Crystal Chest and you have successfully cleared the Ancient Seal.

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