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The Sunken City Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Sunken City and I actually love the setting of the realm a lot with elements that we haven’t seen so far. I mean, you have to appreciate the level design.

The Sunken City General & Rewards

So, basically, you have parts that are flooded with seawater and you can use pump to flood parts to make them accessible. It’s pretty fun. The puzzle aspect in The Sunken City hasn’t been the most challenging one we’ve ever had in Voyage of Wonders but it’s also not the kind of realm you just walk through straight, you need to think a little ahead in what order you will flood the compartments.

I haven’t found a way to actually get stuck so you need to re-start but you will find, as always, a full walkthrough below if you’re not into puzzling much and just want to get the rewards or you need a little hint at some point.

But let’s talk rewards…

afk arena voyage of wonders the sunken city rewards

Reward-wise, well, we’re again back to the less rewarding part… The main reward are two Crystal Chests and one will give you 10x regular Summon Scrolls and the other one will give you 10x Faction Summon Scrolls. It’s not overwhelming but it’s free so hard to complain. I’m sure the next one will reward with Stargazing Cards again…

The other regular chests will give you the usual boosters, coins, emblems etc. as we’re used to get from Voyage of Wonders and The Sunken City is not different here.

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The Sunken City Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Sunken City.

Please mind that I don’t mention every regular chest that you need to collect individually. If you see one, take it 🙂

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Step 1 – you will start The Sunken City with a short conversation and from here go to the first pump and fill up the compartment (1) and take the chest. Now that the compartment is flooded, you can walk to the right side, beat the camp there and also use the pump there to fill up the compartment and take the chest there as well (2). Then walk around the compartment you’ve just flooded and take the chest on the upper side as well (3):

Step 2 – now go to the water transfer pump between the compartments (1) and turn in clockwise. This will transfer the water from the left to the right compartment. Now walk around the compartment that you just flooded and take the chest there and turn the upper pump clockwise (2).

From here turn the middle pump clockwise and the lower pump as well (3). Do it in that order to flood the lower compartment with the red lever (3).

Step 3 – next go to the lower compartment and collect the chest and also pull the red lever once (1) before using the middle pump anti-clockwise this time (2). You’re now able to cross that bridge and there you have the first Crystal Chest of The Sunken City to collect (3).

Step 4 – you have now only one camp to beat and you can make your way up to the upper section of the map of The Sunken City. At the upper pump you need to fill the compartment up, collect the chest and then rotate the pump clockwise (2). Turn right now and collect the chest there as well and pull the green lever once (3).

Step 5 – fill up the former compartment by turning the pump anti-clockwise again (1) and walk to the left through the green stone that you have lowered with the lever in the previous step. There you need to collect the next chest and also pull the yellow lever (2). Then go all the way back to the section where you started The Sunken City and walk up through the yellow stone… there you will find the next pump that you have to turn clockwise (3).

Step 6 – all the way back now to the yellow lever and use it once more (1) before you can collect the two chests in the middle and also turn that pump anti-clockwise (2). This will open the bridge at the top and you can go left and after beating that final boss camp you’re ready to take the last Crystal Chest of The Sunken City

You’ve successfully beaten the realm.

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