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AFK Arena Hacks & Life Hacks Review

There are tons of people out there, just like you, searching for cheats or hacks for AFK Arena that should make your life easier.

On the other side, there are a ton of cheats, hacks and life hacks to be found.

This made me do this review where I actually tried all of them myself and tell you which one is useful, which one works and which one is actually nothing more than a lie.

In the first half of this review, you’ll see some life hacks that you can use in AFK Arena and that are completely fine to use as they are inside the game and everybody can use them – in the second part you will find some hacks that are not inside the game and that are against fair-play and might even get your account into trouble.

Life Hacks in AFK Arena – Make Sure To Use Them

Here are only the hacks that use the game mechanics and are completely legal to use – I call them “life hacks”

Life Hack #1 – Restart Battles

important peak of time tipWithin battles in Peaks of Time, Voyage of Wonders or also the Arcane Labyrinth you really don’t want your heroes to die, otherwise they are lost and you might have to restart the realm or use Dura’s Tears to resurrect them.

One very handy thing that not everybody knows is that you can pause the battle at any time (before it’s over) and simply re-start it without having any negative consequences. You can re-arrange your team or just run multiple attempts until the randomness favors your side 🙂

Life Hack #2 – Lab Difficulty

I have heard many tips how to get an easier Arcane Labyrinth by just using different heroes, altering the favorite hero composition in your account, dancing naked in the rain and whatsoever…

The truth is, the difficulty of the Arcane Labyrinth is determined by the total of hero EXP you have gotten on your account – this means there’s no way you can get ridicilous easier enemies in the lab.

But the important thing is (and this is actually a second life hack for AFK Arena) that you should only level the 5 heroes with your highest ascension tier and use the Restoration Crystal to keep your other heroes up to the level you need them.

TL;DR Only level up 5 heroes 🙂

Life Hack #3 – Re-Roll Or Use Mini Accounts

When first starting AFK Arena you will notice very fast that this game will get you towards a wall that will slow down your progress a lot – and at some point you will primarily grind the daily tasks until you have enough to summon some heroes and hope to get one that will help you ascend further.

first hero pull after reroll

So, if you’re lower than Level 100 and didn’t get Lucius, Brutus, Shemira or any other of those heroes in your first epic summon you might think about re-rolling. This will make your start in AFk Arena a lot easier – here’s my re-roll guide 🙂

Life Hack #4 – Diamonds…

Diamonds are something you can get almost everywhere in AFK Arena – but you also need a ton of them to summon heroes to get the epics to ascend.

It’s important that you frequently collect them and there are tons of places. Check out my guide here that will show you some that you might not know already 😉

Now it’s time to look at the other side of the hacks.

Cheats & Hacks in AFK Arena – Caution

One word of caution first, these here are against all kinds of fair play and using 3rd party tools that are not allowed in AFK Arena. For educational uses only.

Hack #1 – Gem Generators

These generators are all over the internet and you can find them almost anywhere out there, in case you want to try yourself. They will ask you to insert your player name and how many Diamonds, Gold, Summon Scrolls etc. you want. Then they apparently establish a connection and in the last step you need to download a free app or sign up with your email to show them you’re not a bot.

afk arena diamond hack


They look all pretty promising and often times come with videos that show proof that they’re working. I personally wasn’t able to actually get them to work but maybe you have more luck…

Please note, I will not name or give out links to any of the following bots because I don’t want to promote cheating…

Hack #2 – Time Hack

afk arena device time hackThis one here is older than the time (if you allow me to make that connection haha).

Many games use the device time to calculate the earning and an early version of AFK Arena used the device time to calculate the AFK Rewards.

So, basically you could collect, change your device time, collect, change your device time and so on – I’m writing this in the past temp because this got fixed a long time ago and doesn’t work anymore 🙂

Hack #3 – Farming Bots

I have found one but actually this seems to be the most useless thing ever – you can’t actually grind any prior levels and for any further things like Tower or Lab this bots wasn’t even capable of doing anything.

The only thing that this bot was able to do was logging in and collecting the AFK Bonus and it took more time to actually set that bot up that doing this myself 😀

No, honestly, don’t think about it and as soona s you reach VIP Level 7 you will get 1 Day+ AFK Reward timer and collecting this each day which is basically opening the game and hitting one icon doesn’t seem like something you want to lose your account to, right? 😉

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